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CDR tech: CO₂ Dissociation Journal Club
Agenda: Report recent progress and meet new members and continue with research collaboration. Open NanoCarbon: an open science consortium seeking complete climate restoration in less than half a human lifespan through open CDR R&D to solidify hundreds of gigatonnes of carbon from atmospheric CO₂. The existing policy only goes a far as holding CO₂ concentration under RCP 1.9, possibly as low as 343 ppm, however not complete restoration which is about 281 ppm plus continued CDR till cumulative anthropogenic emissions are eliminated. Seeking scientists, engineers & researchers backgrounds in: plasma, chemical physics, nanotech materials science and electronics, magnetism, photonics, and fluid flow.

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Engineer away climate change! Are you an engineer, scientist or hardware hacker? This group meets regularly and is researching open science to create open hardware that will eventually solidify gigatonnes of carbon from atmospheric CO₂. ONC's goal is to open the synthesize of nanocarbons from CO₂.

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