Hacktoberfest Celebration by Digital Ocean & MayaData


We are excited to announce that MayaData & Digital Ocean are coming together to celebrate Hacktoberfest 2019 at OpenSource Cafe. Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of Open Source Software. This October, every Saturday, we will be celebrating Hacktoberfest. Come & join us to celebrate by contributing to various open-source projects like OpenEBS & Litmus over food, drinks, and great company! For PR's merged, you will get a cool Hacktoberfest limited edition T-Shirt and other Swags sponsored by MayaData.

Agenda for 5th October

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM - Hacktoberfest Keynote by Mohan Ram (APAC Partnerships Manager at DigitalOcean)
10:30 AM - 11:00 AM - Contributing to OpenEBS & Litmus in Hacktoberfest by Uma Mukkara (COO, MayaData) & Kiran Mova (Chief Software Architect, OpenEBS Project)
11:00 AM - 3:30 PM - Hacktoberfest Hacking (Lunch break of 30 mins in-between)
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM - Lightning Talks
Lightning Talk 1 - AI Beyond Borders by Amit Baldwa (Director of Engineering, Finastra Software)
Lightning Talk 2 - TBD
Post 4:00 PM - Networking over Chai & Samosa

The best PR of the day wins a pair of wireless earbuds :)

All the workshop participants will receive get-started help from our team.
Note - Bring your hacking gear, such as a laptop!

Events code of conduct

Hacktoberfest events are welcoming, open, and inclusive. Include this line on your event page: "Please read our Events Code of Conduct before attending. Happy hacking!"


This event is sponsored by "MayaData."