Meetup#22 Containers avec OpenStack + Assemblée Générale OpenStackFR

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Introduction Assemblée générale OpenStackFR.

Merci à notre sponsor Nuage Networks qui finance le cocktail dinatoire.

Session 1 : Spyros Trigazis (CERN)
OpenStack Magnum Pike and the CERN cloud

In the first part, we’ll do an introduction to Magnum and catch up with the latest features from Ocata and the design plan Pike from the PTG. Ocata brought the latest versions for Kubernetes and Docker while we added an experimental version of DC/OS. Additionally, we added a statistics API for the resources used by Magnum and a quota API. However, Pike will bring much bigger features like Cluster upgrades, Cluster recovery for inactive/dead nodes, heterogeneous clusters and better cluster driver management.

Secondly, we’ll have a look on how magnum is used at CERN. CERN’s OpenStack setup, cluster driver customizations and more importantly use cases from physics data analysis to infrastructure management.

Session 2 : Dominique Schaeffer (Nuage Networks)
Containers scaling with SDN Nuage Networks

Utilisation mixte containers/instances sur OpenStack avec le SDN Nuage Networks.

Session 3 : Kevin Lefevre (Osones)
Retour d'expérience Containers avec OpenStack

- Retour d’experience sur Magnum et OpenStack : gérer OpenStack en production et développer des fonctionnalités upstream.
- Intégration de Magnum avec les composants d’OpenStack : lbaas, cinder et heat.
- Amélioration a venir et travaux en cours (swarm mode, Kubernetes CoreOS).