OpenStack 2015 October

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18.30 Welcome and Opening
18. 40 Distributed Programming for the overlay - Alexander Gabert (Midokura)
19:20 Alkalmazásszintű tűzfal (Zorp) illesztése OpenStack-re - Halász Imre (BalaBit)
20:00 Networking

Distributed Programming for the overlay - Alexander Gabert (Midokura)

There are two distinct approaches to overlay networking:
* using a centralized controller and classic technology for building
the overlay (MP-BGP, MPLS, iptables, namespaces)
* using a programming language and a distributed architecture to
simulate flows at the edge of the overlay network

We will discuss both approaches and show the technology behind them.

How are they are able to provide higher level functions like flow
tracing, flow history, port mirroring, firewalling and load balancing?
How good do they scale, how good can i debug and troubleshoot them,
how good do they integrate with hardware and physical networks?