Monolithic to Cloud-Native Apps: Lessons Learned by HP/ Neutron with Akanda

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We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday for our meetup with HP and Akanda. I do want to let everyone know that due to some logistics issues, we will NOT be able to provide food and drinks as we typically do. However, we still expect a great time of learning and networking.

Also, please remember to RSVP by 6 PM today if you are planning to join us on Wednesday.

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Transforming Monolithic Apps to Cloud-Native Apps: Lessons Learned


The was a year old application running on DigitalOcean without Cloud Native design - Hp took this real life application, tore it apart and re-modeled it based on cloud native principles and leveraging micro-services patterns.

In this talk Sujay Maheshwari will share his journey about taking an existing monolithic app to a microservices based design - deployed on HP Helion Development Platform, a distribution of CloudFoundry running on OpenStack

This talk is about approach, learnings and next steps.


Sujay Maheshwari

Developer Evangelist, HP Helion


Sujay Maheshwari is a developer evangelist at HP Helion. In the past, he has built his own companies in mobile ad-tech and content marketing space. Prior to that, Sujay was a Project Manager at Morgan Stanley. His biggest fear is his son calling him a tech-illiterate and so he strives hard to learn all the geeky stuff.


Advanced OpenStack Neutron with Akanda


Mark McClain from Akanda will briefly recap basic Neutron topics around network architecture and common features such as security groups, plugins and agents, then dive in deeper, focusing on advanced services such as Routing and Load Balancing. We will then drill down into typical service provider network designs and the specific technologies in use such as Linuxbridge. We will discuss the Neutron Advanced Services driver model and how it can be useful to Service Providers (and Enterprises) based on our team's experience powering DreamCompute’s networking capabilities using Akanda. We will review Akanda, an open source suite of software, services, orchestration, and tools for providing L3+ services in OpenStack that builds on top of Linux and OpenStack Neutron. Using Akanda, an OpenStack provider can provide tenants with a rich, powerful set of L3+ services. Finally, we will provide an update on the latest discussions heading into Tokyo such as the status of LBaaS, FWaaS as well as the newer Neutron projects such as L2 Gateway, the Neutron Stadium effort and the new Lieutenant system.


Mark McClain

CTO of Akanda and former Neutron PTL