OpenStack Seattle Meetup: The Ins and Outs of Deploying OpenStack

This is a past event

88 people went


Hosted by Bruce Basil Mathews of Mirantis

Your company wants to move to “the cloud” at the speed of light. They’ve heard about this “OpenStack thing” and want you to investigate. The problem is, that you are currently working full time to keep the lights on in your IT organization.

Traditional RFP/RFI methods of selecting software don’t seem to necessarily apply to the “OpenStack thing.” So, you decide you want to quickly and easily do a PoC to facilitate the selection process AND to show your management what this “OpenStack thing” is all about. You start investigating and low and behold, there are more than ten distributions to choose from! You don’t want to do a PoC for all of them, but you’d like to be thorough in your investigation.

This talk will provide you with an understanding of the ins and outs of deploying many of the more prominent OpenStack distributions for evaluation, the deployment tools they use, and the expected OpenStack cloud versions, features and capabilities achieved by the deployment. The talk will provide the attendee with a summary of rating criterion that could be applied to further narrow the investigation and to reduce the time needed to select the right distribution for your company!

Bruce Basil Mathews has worked continuously in the computer industry for more than thirty-five years. He has work for such companies as Computervision, Sun, Oracle and Hewlett-Packard for most of his career, providing Professional Services delivery, architecting solutions, or doing code development for a variety of corporation including, PayPal,, Wells Fargo, McKessen, and a host of others. For the past four years, Bruce has focused exclusively on OpenStack, providing Public and Private cloud infrastructure and application services from Diablo+ to Kilo. Bruce has been a speaker at two of the last three Summit events and is an active member of the OpenStack community.