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Introduction to Data Processing with Python

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We're back with the wonderful Electron Workshop hosting again, for "Introduction to Data Processing" which follows on from the "Introduction to Programming workshop". We'll also be re-running "Introduction to Programming", if you missed out on that one previously.

Introduction to Data Processing

You've used Python to move the turtle, you've used loops and written functions. Perhaps you you even made a website in the Websites with Python Flask workshop. What's next? It's time to crunch some data!

In this workshop we'll learn how to read data from files into data structures in our program, to extract the information we want. We'll display that data in graphs and charts, and get a glimpse of the world of Open Data that's available online. You'll never want to wrangle a spreadsheet, or touch the Copy and Paste commands, again!

Introduction to Programming

For those of you who couldn't make it to our previous workshop, you can come along and do the Introduction to Programming with Python! This is the same workshop that we ran a few weeks ago, so all the details from here ( still apply.


OpenTechSchool workshops are at-your-own-pace, with lots of coaches who are professional programmers themselves to give encouragement and guide you over the common pitfalls that many face when just starting out.

All you need to bring is a laptop and some enthusiasm! OpenTechSchool workshops are all with open-source, free software running on Mac OSX, Windows and Linux. All course material is free and hosted online.

Because the number of seats is limited, it is important that you only sign up if you definitely plan on coming (and do so, too!). If you can't make it for any reason, please cancel your attendance on Meetup right away so your someone on the waiting list can take your place. Thanks!

About OpenTechSchool

OpenTechSchool is a movement aiming to offer free tech education. Our events are open to technology enthusiasts of all genders, backgrounds, and experience levels, willing to coach or learn in a friendly environment. Our learning material is shared and collectively improved by the online community and anyone is welcome to use it to organize new OTS chapters anywhere in the world.

About Python

Python is one of the most popular and widely available programming languages. With an easy syntax and friendly user base it's one of the best languages for a beginner programmer. After learning the basics, Python programmers can easily move onto graphics and multimedia, websites and data analysis. Its "batteries included" nature makes it easy to get your ideas into code, and it's a great stepping stone before moving on to other languages.