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A comparison of cloud build pipelines & Keeping plants alive with software
Our last meetup of 2018! As usual we offer two talks. First Mats Stijlaart will compare different cloud CI/CD platforms and share his findings. Next Arnout Rijpkema and Rick Slinkman will give a fun talk about their cool over-engineering effort with a plant standing next to their desks. Both talks will be presented in English. RSVP now for an evening of learning new things and having fun at the same time. The meetup will be held at the OpenValue office in Amersfoort (, enough free parking spaces are available. ** Talk 1: CI Plumbing: A comparison of cloud build pipelines ** In the last years CI/CD has become a standard, and with standards, tools start to rise like hornets around a hornet's nest. In this session we will dive into a set of cloud CI/CD platforms, evaluating the considerations, talk about the concepts, best practices and pinpoint the drawbacks of the platforms. We do this by example and handle more that ‘just building your app’ such as: linting, testing, tagging, and deploying an app as well. By the end of the session you should have a basic understanding of cloud CI pipelines, and be more confident to pick your own 'poison'. Speaker: Mats Stijlaart Software engineer at OpenValue. Elm enthusiast, maintainer of elm-analyse, an Elm code analyzer. ** Talk 2: Keeping plants alive with software ** As developers, we are constantly searching for new technology to try out in our projects. Production isn’t always the best place to try this. So Arnout and Rick built an experimental garden (you know, with plants and stuff) for this. They might have taken it a little too far ;-) In this session, Arnout and Rick will show their experimental garden. They will show how plants can ask for water and how they’re keeping their plants alive. The automated garden is a microservices system built using Kubernetes, Lambdas, an Alexa skill and more. At the end of the session, you’ll understand how to keep your plants alive using technology, and you’ll appreciate the value of side projects to learn new technologies. Speaker: Arnout Rijpkema Arnout is a full stack java developer at OpenValue. He has a passion for Java, Continuous delivery and mutation testing. Arnout delivers quality by learning and applying new technologies. Speaker: Rick Slinkman Rick Slinkman is a software engineer at Hightech ICT based in Vught. He has a passion for making software with the newest technologies, and also likes to talk about it.

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