Serviceability and OpenStack, Swift metadata and benchmarking

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HP will be sponsoring our Aug. Meetup and will be presenting these interesting topics.

1) It's very difficult, if not impossible, to fix a broken complex system if you don't have a good understanding of how it's supposed to work. I use a personal story to make this point, and then challenge the OpenStack community at all levels to take serviceability aspects into account when using or contributing to any of the component projects.

2) Benchmarking Swift Performance - If you are an existing swift user and are wondering how well it is actually performing, this talk will introduce you to the swift benchmarking tool, getput, which will allow you to measure swift performance across a broad variety of scenarios and loads. Some of the questions it would help answer is does you application achieve the same level of performance getput is demonstrating? What effect will changing your configuration have on performance? What effect might multi-threading have on improving performance? How well does your implementation of swift compare to others?

This talk will cover the basics of using getput as well as running a demo of some of its more interesting use cases.

Speaker Bio's: Harry Sutton, a thirty-nine year veteran of the IT industry, is the Global Lead for HP’s Professions Program. Harry is a TCP Master Technologist working in Andover, Massachusetts in HP’s Technology Services organization. He lives in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and enjoys spending time with his wife and their extended family of pets, especially his African Grey parrot, Toby.

Mark Seger, Mark has been focused on large cluster performance over the last 15 years and is the author of collectl, a performance monitoring tool that has been used on many of the largest High Performance Computing clusters in the world. His focus in HPC has been of solving performance problems at high levels of scale and has brought many of those methodologies to addressing performance problems in an OpenStack environment. He has also developed another opensource tool focused on Swift Benchmarking.


A light dinner and soft drinks will be provided ~ 6:30pm courtesy of HP, and we will kick off the sessions ~ 7:00pm.

If you are interested in giving a Lightening Talk shoot us a note with a topic or just come to the session ready to speak!

• DON'T FORGET - for security reasons, the NERD center requires atendees to show a government issued photo ID in order to gain access into the building. Best option for parking is the NERD center parking garage which charges a flat rate after 4pm.