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What we’re about

Real estate has produced more millionaires than any other investment vehicle.

Are you interested in raising capital, connecting with experienced real estate investors to do deals with, or learning more about multifamily & commercial real estate? Or are you new to real estate and want to learn more and or find a potential mentor? How about establishing fruitful relationships with good people and friends that are like-minded entrepreneurs or real estate professions? Are you open to learning unique insights within the real estate game such as investing in mortgage notes, short term rentals, or rental arbitrage?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions then the “Opportunity Knocks” Family is for YOU.

Whether you're a seasoned commercial real estate investor or new to the game, we bring in experienced speaker guests to guide you on your journey to true wealth and financial freedom by leveraging the income-generating opportunities that real estate can offer.

The guests we bring in to speak have decades of experience from various perspectives, and have a passion for doing good. We'll be bringing you live deals, interviews with subject matter experts, and other salient content. 

Join this Meetup to learn about the different facets of finance and investment strategy in the world of real estate.

Welcome to the Opp Knocks Family.