What we're about

Any group is welcome. Moderate liberals, very liberal, moderate conservatives, very liberal, tea party, libertarian, Green Party, Trump Supporters, LGBTQIA+, feminists, BLM, Alt-Right, all religious groups, etc. I don't like writing these labels but I want to be clear that no matter your background or views, you can join.

I want to create a space where we talk to people that we might not share the similar political opinions with. It can be tough to talk to opposing people with politics, so my hope is that this can be a space where we can practice this skill. I'm trying to improve my ability at this. I believe cruel and unfair things are said about opposing political views, and the best way to change that perception is to have interactions with each other. My hope is that through doing this, we can strengthen our understanding of current issues, as well as have human interactions with more people. WE will discuss any topic that the group is interested in.

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