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Cours de Hatha yoga bilingue - English/French. Trial class 10€
See English version below Bonjour à tous, Venez vous joindre à nous les mardis et/ou mercredis de 13h00 - 14h00 ou les vendredis de 19h00 - 20h30 pour des cours de Hatha yoga dispensés en anglais et en français. C'est le moment de démarrer votre pratique à des prix attractifs. Ces cours sont destinés à tous niveaux de participants. Penser à emmener votre propre tapis de yoga. Vous pouvez accéder à toutes les infos en cliquant sur ce lien: - Consulter les prix en cliquant sur ce lien : - Penser à créer votre compte client et réserver un cours d'essai avant de venir pour assurer votre place. Cliquer sur ce lien pour créer votre compte : Svadharma Ayur Yoga est une Association loi de 1901. L'adhésion annuelle est de 10€. Après un cours d'essai, il faudra régler l'adhésion annuelle. Cela vous permettra d'accéder aux prix des cours simples et cartes 10 cours. - La location d'un nombre limité de tapis est disponible pour 1€ selon le principe du premier arrivé, premier servi. Infos sur Studio Bleu : Les douches sont disponibles. Emmener votre serviette et vos produits. Politique d'annulation : Annulation d’une réservation par l’Adhérent : Toute réservation d’un cours peut être annulée par l’Adhérent jusqu’à 2 heures avant l’heure du cours directement sur le site via son compte. Les cours correspondants seront re-crédités et pourront être réutilisés jusqu’à leur date d’expiration. L’annulation d’une réservation hors délais ou l’absence de l’adhérent au cours ne pourra en tout état de cause donner lieu à aucun remboursement. Annulation d’une réservation par Svadharma Ayur Yoga : Toute réservation d’un cours peut être annulée par Svadharma Ayur Yoga jusqu’à 12 heures avant l’heure du cours par email adressé à l’Adhérent. Les cours correspondants pourront être réutilisés jusqu’à la date d’expiration de la carte. Je reste à votre disposition pour tout complément d'infos. A bientôt dans une salle, Matthieu WADDELL, Association Svadharma Ayur Yoga ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello everyone, Join us on Tuesdays and / or Wednesdays from 1 pm - 2 pm or Fridays from 7 pm - 8:30 pm for Hatha yoga classes in English and French. This is the time to start your practice at attractive prices.These courses are for all levels of participants. - Don't forget to bring your yoga mat. - You can access all info by clicking on this link: - Check prices by clicking on this link: Create your customer account and book a trail class before coming to ensure your place. Click on this link to create your account: Svadharma Ayur Yoga is an Association Law of 1901. The annual membership is 10 €. After a trial class, you must pay the annual membership. This will allow you to book to the single class and 10 class cards. - A limited number of yoga mats are available for rental on a first-come, first-served basis - 1€. Studio Bleu Info: - Showers are available. Bring your towel and personal hygiene products. Cancellation Policy: Cancellation of a reservation by the Member: A reservation can be canceled by the Member until 2 hours before the course time directly on the site via MindBody. The corresponding courses will be re-credited and can be re-used until their expiry date. If the reservation is canceled 1 hour and 59 minutes before class time or in case of a no-show no refund will be given. Cancellation of a booking by Svadharma Ayur Yoga: A booking may be canceled by Svadharma Ayur Yoga up to 12 hours before the class time by email addressed to the Member. The corresponding courses may be re-used until the expiry date of the card. Feel free to contact me for any further information. See you soon in class, Matthieu WADDELL, Association Svadharma Ayur Yoga

Studio Bleu

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Please bring a mat for Pilates and Yoga, you do not need a mat for barre.

Pilates is a form of strength and flexibility training that can be done by someone at any level of fitness. Non-impact, this method is designed to invigorate the breath and tone the body through a means of strengthening by lengthening.

Vinyasa/Power Yoga, designed to take student's flexibility and power to the next level. Dynamic movement through creative sequencing; these classes will leave you feeling revitalized, inspired and stronger than you imagined possible. Classes embody a deep sense of spirituality and community support on the journey inwards. Fused with elements of Bikram, Anusuara, Hatha and Power yoga asanas, all classes start with gentle sun salutations and conclude with long meditations.

Hip Hop / Ballet Barre is the creation of Meghan Sullivan and Danielle O'Reilly. Set to a diverse soundscape embodying music from all genres, this class is a packed hour combining contemporary, classical, hip hop & latin with basic choreography, suitable for non-dancers and for those looking for something more authentic than your basic fitness barre class.

The class then leads into a killer series performed on the barre, a fusion of dance, yoga, high intensity training, gymnastics and pilates. Be prepared to sweat. Muscular strength endurance work follows the barre. Harnessing the work with a deep stretching cool down and final meditation, this class is life changing both mentally and physically. Infused with endless positive affirmations and mantras, this class has the ability to change the way you live. We invite you to enjoy the powerful experience as our journey begins together.


This is a group interested for people ready to change their lives through movement of all forms, acts of kindness and meditation. Our classes focus on developing a positive self esteem and a sense of community support. Classes held are guided in English, but welcome to all, expats, locals and friends visiting.

For Beginners and non dancers: We welcome you with encouragement. Our classes pride themselves on creating a non judgement community for everyone to feel comfortable. Do note our classes are for all levels of fitness, and we provide many modifications enabling you to create change slowly & safely at a pace that is right for you. Please inform us of any pre existing conditions and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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