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This meet up is for those who are interested in and open to alternative healing methods and spiritual practices. This meet up is center around supporting goals of self development and raising consciousness. We will hold different types of classes, trainings, and events to support the goals of the meetup.

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Reiki Share

843 Co Rd 1


Reiki Share Hosted by Laura Molecavge Pre-registration Required through meetup or by calling me at[masked] $5 Love donation cash or Payment can be made to paypal.com using email [masked] Are you interested in learning about Reiki or want to practice and receive Reiki; here is you opportunity. Reiki share is a group where all non-practitioners and all-level practitioners can further develop and practice their Reiki skills and to gain more in depth understanding. Reiki heals on all levels. Past life, present life, mental, emotional, and physical levels. It also awakens your intuition and connection to the flow of universal energy. Reiki supports a relaxed environment helps relax the mind, and a relaxed person heals much more quickly than a person who’s stressed out.” Reiki has the ability to bring you to your center, clearing away any tension or stress you may feel. We are here to support YOU. During the Reiki share we will have a discussion about Reiki to share any experiences and answer any questions that you may have about Reiki or your practice. We will also have a time of practice. Practitioner Levels: Reiki Level 1 student are able to receive only Reiki Level 2 Practitioners can receive or practice Reiki Master Level 3 can receive or practice Non-practitioner or seeker interest can relax, receive and expeirence

Mediumship/Psychic Development Class

843 Co Rd 1


Psychic Development Class taught by Laura Molecavage Pre-registration is required through meetup or by calling[masked] Donation: $25.00pp cash or Payment can be made to paypal.com using email [masked] This class is open to all who desire to work on their psychic and intuitive skills. If you are new you get to experience and learn about your abilities. If you are already working or have attended this class before; you will be able to continue to work on building confidence and honing your already awakened abilities. All are welcome. We all have the inherent abilities that lays dormant, unnoticed, or has been denied for a long time. By discovering your inherent intuitive and psychic abilities, you can obtain clarity, find direction, and receive guidance to your own specific purpose and life path. During this class you will be shown how to re/discover and learn how to work with these gifts while building self confidence, removing doubt, and increasing your knowledge. We will travel through consciousness in a meditation to connect you with your Higher Self for work to be done in class. We will also have a short discussion about working with psychic and intuitive abilities, the different types, and ending with hands on guided activities that will help support these goals so you can see the magic that already resides within you. Once you have taken the class feel free to join in the Psychic Development Practice Circle...

Mediumship/Psychic Development Practice Circle

843 Co Rd 1


Mediumship/Psychic Development Practice Circle with Laura Molecavage Pre-registration is required through meetup or by contacting me at[masked] Donation: $15 pp cash or Payment can be made to paypal.com using email [masked] The Psychic development practice circle is the next step along your journey of psychic awareness. It is open for those who have had someprevious knowledge and experience working with their psychic abilities. This space will provide a place for you to continue working on developing at your level of practice and pace whether you have taken one class or have studied for several years. All levels of experience are welcome. *If you have no experience please see the Psychic Development Beginner Class to start your psychic development journey. In this class, we will start with a short guided meditation and shift into psychic development practices and exercises for the duration of the class so that you get plenty of time to practice.

Living Consciously Coaching Group

843 Co Rd 1


Living Consciously Coaching Group facilitated by Laura Molecavage Pre-registration is required through meetup or by contacting me at[masked] Donation: $35 cash or Payment can be made to paypal.com using email [masked] Where else can you get an hour 1/2 coaching talk session for the price of $35? Right here... Is life stressful? Don't have the job or career that you want? Don't have the relationship that you want? Do you have health issues? Want to learn how to manifest a life that you want? Unable to deal with your emotions? As a group, we will be using this time to go over different topics lead by the facilitator and how they relate to our lives so we can integrate them to manifest the life that we want. This is a fun interactive learning and working progress group which means that you might have some type of ativities, homework, project or research to do on your own after the group. Such as vision boards, reading a book, visualization process At the end, you will also have a time to share with the group about a related experince, topic, homework assignment or ask any questions. Please feel free to bring in a notebook

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