• Kubernetes Hands-on Workshop

    מרכז המבקרים של אורקל

    The Workshop is organized by Oracle cloud Infrastructure architect, ALM-ToolBox (Gitlab Israel) and Linnovate who consult on infrastructure automation and workflow improvement. For any questions please email: [masked], [masked], [masked] Workshop Kubernetes by Avishay Saban (Oracle cloud Infrastructure) Lior Kesos (linnovate) and Alexsander Karnovsky (ALMtoolBox) - Is will be one practical meetup about 5-7 hours each. GitLab is a single application for the entire software development lifecycle, from project planning and source code management to CI/CD, monitoring, and security. In this session we will show how Oracle Cloud can be used for GitLab hosting and running GitLab CI/CD. The Goal: Increase knowledge on DevOps and cloud-native vision, improving efficiency in using CI/CD on Kubernetes. **During Intermediate Kubernetes workshop we will: *go over some oracle cloud infrastructure and provision OKE (Oracle Kubernetes Engine) * join a predefined Gitlab project and install GitLab Runner on OKE * make a change in a file in GitLab and trigger a run of GitLab Continuous Integration (CI) * review the results of CI tests Register New: https://www.oracle-ilnews.com/KubernetesWorkshop/?BannID=2043

  • Oracle Meetup - Security of cloud data systems / multi-cloud and On Prem

    מרכז המבקרים של אורקל

    Did you know that Oracle has a SIEM system that includes advanced UEBA and it's one of the world's leading? Did you know that Oracle cloud security solutions are used to secure flatforms as Office 365, AWS, SalesForce and many more? Oracle is known as a leading player in data management worlds and protecting heterogeneous data platforms. Come and learn how to prevent "embarrassing" events where your data systems in the various clouds and on your website may be damaged by an cybersecurity event. Oracle's data security tools, which will be presented at the event, provide a broad shell that enables protection of all cloud layers from the SaaS applications to the various IaaS infrastructures. Target audience: Data security officers from organizations of any type, mainly those who are active in the cloud. Meetup director: Ben Dali Register New: https://oracle-ilnews.com/OracleSecurity/?BannID=2033

  • Oracle Security Meetup

    Aharon Bart St 18

    Did you know that Oracle has a SIEM system that includes advanced UEBA and is one of the world's leading solutions? Did you know that Oracle cloud security solutions are used to secure flatforms like Office 365, AWS, SalesForce and many others? Oracle is a major player in the world of data management protecting heterogeneous data platforms. Come and learn how to protect data in your organization from cybersecurity threats and how to comply with ever-tightening regulation. Oracle tools provide a comprehensive solution that also uses Machine Learning to actively protect the most valuable assets for your organization - the data. Target audience: CISOs, data security implementation specialists, DBAs Meetup Host: Tali Poliak Register New: https://oracle-ilnews.com/OracleSecurityMeetup/?BannID=2032

  • The Ramon AI Hackathon

    BE ALL Alon

    Oracle Israel is happy to support The Ramon Foundation #AI #hackathon. Embark with us on a #journey to explore the power of #satellites #data combined with the power of #AI AND #machinelearning Register New >> https://www.ramonhackathon.com/

  • IoT Bootcamp (Hands-On)

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    If you like Programing in combination with hardware and software, or if you've never done it, but want to experiment, this is an opportunity for an effective workshop. The workshop will offer extensive knowledge of IOT common scenarios, sensor connections of various types, and how to generate insights and trigger action that will achieve a business goal. Goal of workshop To introduce the attendees to how to program devices and enterprise applications that connect to and interact with the Oracle IoT Cloud service enterprise edition. The workshop will cover the core programming required. Attendees will using a simulated smart heart monitor create the code to send data to the Oracle IoT Cloud service from the device, retrieve it in an enterprise application and to send control messages back to the device. Information on additional features (e.g. REST API's) will be made available. Attendees will need to : • Have a laptop with the latest version of Virtual Box and Virtual Box extensions installed. The virtual machine image contains a pre-built development environment, including sample source code that was configured to support the workshops. • The laptop will need 30GB Disk space free and to have 8GB (or more) DRAM and at least 2 processor cores. Of course more is better. • Be familiar with Java Registration closed. Please leave details and contact you at the following event: https://oracle-ilnews.com/IoT/#Register

  • Meetup Oracle Analytics

    מרכז המבקרים של אורקל

    Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Analytics are all exciting new technologies, what are benefits and insights from those technologies, to accelerate our business? Currently 80% of the information in the organization’s not accurately collected, and as a result not analyzed for technological and business insight. So how can you ensure that all information in your organization located and fixated, while allowing your staff to deal with the critical organization issues instead of updates and ongoing maintenance? Oracle Israel invite you to join us in a technological meetup, where we will dive into the worlds of analytics and Data Science. You can learn and consult with our experts on how to analyze the data, in order to gain advanced and revolutionary insights. Among the lecturers, Dr. Ilan Sasson, CEO and Co-Founder - Data Science Group, will give from his extensive experience in the field, and will share and give tools for data analysis. Target Audience: CEO, BI Managers, BI Developers, Analysts, Data Sciences, Big Data, Team Leaders Agenda 09:00 Welcome and opening remarks 09:15 Opening - Tovit Leiba, BA Consultant, Oracle Israel 09:30 Agile Data Science - Methodologies and Practical Issues - Dr. Ilan Sasson, CEO and Co-Founder, Data Science Group 11:00 Coffee break 11:15 be you own Master of Data preparation - Boris Dahab, BA Consultant, Oracle Israel Register now (http://oracle-ilnews.com/Analytics_Meetup/?BannID=1697 )

  • Oracle Kubernetes Dev Meetup


    The world of microservices and containers brings with it the advantages of flexibility, convenience and deployment, but also new challenges in development and migration processes. in this meet-up we will share best practices on the management and operation aspects of K8s for cloud work. Agenda 18:30 Networking / Food (burgers) & Drinks 19:00 Hagay Carmi - from Open will talk about implementing Kubernetes on bare metal. And why is it such a trend and why should you care? 19:30 Lior Kesos opensource geek from Linnovate will talk about Infrastructure as code powered by helm on kubernetes. As typical monoliths are broken down to dozens of microservices the challenge of managing, deploying and maintaining these orchestrated services becomes grows considerably. 20:00 Ziv Kashtan - form Automat-IT will present how to manage and run, automatic, self-service and fast Kubernetes environments as a service (KEaaS) and k8s for multi environments. * Open is all about open source professionalism - take advantage of our knowledge, experience and passion for technological innovation and implement tailor made IT solutions. * Linnovate has created a few openaource, helm powered boilerplates to kickstart your kubernetes driven app. Well deploy root, reindex, and recollect to learn how you can meet your organizational challenges around operations, search and data. * Automat-IT EaaS/KEaaS - Environment as a Service product allows you to create Dev, QA, Test, Stage and Prod environments quickly, reliably and at a fraction of the cost. We provide an environment that amplifies your organization's creativity and eliminates IT complexity. Please Register Here, https://oracle-ilnews.com/open_source/