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Life for people on the autism spectrum can be tough, the world is a complicated place. I want this group to be bridge. A bridge between where people are now and a bigger, richer, world. And as before this group is for people on the autism spectrum that want to get out there and expand their social skills.

Orange County Autistic Spectrum Adults is neutral on the subject of a cure to autism. While I do my best to provide support, autism is a complex medical condition and up to the individual and their family to choose how to live with.

For information on our rules and regulations please see our Code of Conduct. (https://www.meetup.com/Orange-County-Autistic-Adult-Alliance/messages/boards/thread/50202723)

What douse this group do?

Activities,I believe there are two factors that separate autistic people from those around them. One, the autism itself and two the deficit of experiences that exist between neurotypical and people on the autism spectrum. The activities portion of what this group does is meant to address that deficit.

Services, services available to people on the spectrum drop off greatly after high school. This group, in coordination with others, seeks to address this lack of resources.

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Get to know the One Stop Center.
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One of the biggest things people on the autism spectrum worry about is work. Without work self-suficiansy becomes almost impossible. While I believe there are too few options out there for people on the autism spectrum some good options to improve your ability to get work. We did an event with Spectrum Success to name one. But one of the public resources I like to use is the One Stop Center.

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Asperger’s Improve Night (Free)

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