What we're about

We are a deeply optimistic community that recognizes that the past has not just been thousands and thousands of years of survival and endurance, but centuries and centuries of hard-won progress. We are working with others to make conscious choices to co-create our world. We regularly practice meditation and other means of self-knowledge and self-development so that we are well grounded as we effectively and empathetically change the world as we go about our daily lives. We draw inspiration from forward-thinking synergistic philosophers and scientists such as Sri Aurobindo, Teillhard de Chardian, Jean Gebser, and Ken Wilber. We are not merely curious bystanders to the evolutionary process, passive believers in the established sciences of evolution, we are committed are committed activists and advocates -- often passionate ones -- for the importance of evolution at a cultural level. We are positive agents of change who subscribe to the underappreciated truth that evolution, comprehensively understood, implicates the individual. We appreciate the vast process that we are embedded within but also the urgent need for our own culture to evolve and for each of us to play a positive role in that outcome.

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