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From the "FRAGRANCE OF SOUND" ® comes: An invitation for those interested in the Healing Power of Sound, Vibration & Consciousness. Through modalities including Immersive Soundbath Meditation, Interactive Participatory Sound Circles, Energy and Alternative Medicine, the Yoga of Sound (Shakti Naam), Sacred Ceremony, Meditation and Mindfulness, we invoke deep relaxation, harmonic sacred sonic bliss and experiential primordial multi-sensory states of awareness. Your Guides in this Journey are the Illustrious PAISTE PLANETARY GONGS, Malaysian gongs, sacred 350 year old TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS and other Ancient Tibetan Instruments, Crystal Quartz Chakra Singing Bowls, Improvisational Voice, toning and Indigenous Instruments from throughout the world. Each journey or series will be unique unto itself, and utilize specific instruments, and modalities. Further, we will dip into the realm of alternate tunings, Solfegio, 432, microtonal, and what we lovingly acknowledge as pyramid tuning, a tuning that has been mathematically documented the same as many of the Mayan Temples and Egyptian pyramids. Most of our instruments are aligned with these alternate frequencies because of their healing capabilities. Your facilitator has a wealth of experience in Sound Healing. 20 + years (even before it was vogue - and has completed an 8 year apprenticeship in sound healing), as well as 8 or more years experience for the most part in each of the following modalities of Meditation, Mindfulness and Consciousness; Professional Energetic and Alternative Medicine Healing; Kunlun System ® Taoist Internal Alchemy; Matrix Energetics and Total Body Modification; Indigenous Medicine Ways (North & South American, Mongolian and Celtic), Moon Rites and Indigenous Dance. She has experienced a self-realization awakening and is grounding her realization.

These sharings will come from both authentic lineage ways & extensive experience in the areas presented.


Mari also holds certificates from various Universities in Digital Sound Design, Medicine and the Arts, Curanderismo, Healthcare Innovation, Preventing Chronic Pain, Reflexology, Neuroscience and Neruromarketing, Magic in the Middle Ages, Sacred Objects in Religious Life, Humanity & Nature in Chinese Thought, Stonehenge, & The Science of Happiness, and Mindfulness Meditation.

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