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Summer VIP Monthly Members Pass!!
Greetings Tantric Loving Explorers -- VIP Monthly Membership Passes Are Now Here! Having a few of you make a suggestion, we have now put together a VIP Pass -- for all those who want to come & experience more of the workshops, and then save on doing more than just one!? So what this means is, pay the 1 time... and you will be able to attend all the tantra workshops of that month! Which comes out to a $50-$100 in savings, for single men/women and couples too!! How it looks or works: The normal monthly cost to take all workshops -- *Females ticket -- $150-$200 for an entire month~ *Males ticket --- $225-$300 for an entire month~ *Couples/Paired Partner ticket -- $275-$350 for an entire month~ Now if you were to pick up a VIP Monthly Pass -- *Females ticket -- $115 for the entire month~ *Males ticket --- $195 for the entire month~ *Couples/Paired Partner ticket -- $255 You would be saving 30%-50% off all workshops! Attending & going to more workshops, will give one more of an opportunity to meet others and perhaps find someone to partner with, for the practices that will require another to engage in together~ *************************************************************************** Suggestive Exchange: Single Men / Women / Couples Ticket: Your ticket type -- The link to get a tickets: Can also make payment here, and pay by way of family or friends only! Use this email address to pay - [masked] ************************************************************************* Remember, we are all but waves - so let us wave together in the cosmic universal of waves - an ocean of blissful waving sensations locked in an eternal embrace!! In the Unboundless of Joy, Respect, Peace, Warmth, and Love ~ There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't yet met! --William Butler Yeats -- Namaste`-- The Organizers of -- OC Tantra Explorers

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Private Venue -- Must RSVP First & Pre-pay to attend~ Limited seating-- · Venice Bch, CA

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Tantra is understood to be the key to healthy living and awareness transforming a person they were meant to be. It's approach is to accept the body and its desires by actually embracing them to enlightenment thus elevating the fulfillment. It is the sacred practice of building any pleasure to climax by delaying gratification using restraint and breathing techniques. It can be applied to all walks of life and fulfilling every essential desires utilizing all senses, with touch being the most vital. It recognizes to honor every soul's natural inborn spirits and lifestyle to deepen the union.

Welcome to the grass roots, people-powered, Tantra community calendar of events. Posts here are from local members and other group's organizers sharing their levels of Tantric practices. Come join the community to also nurture and care for it and perhaps organize local meets.

All occurrence are consensual and voluntary. One may join a union just to be in with spirit and not partake in any act. All members are respected and will not be allowed unwanted soliciting. Please bring to organizer's attention with any complaints immediately.

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