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Hello! Join us if you're interested in making games from scratch within 12 hours! We host game jams on a Sunday of each month. You can be a musician, a writer, a voice actor, a programmer, or an artist, really everyone with any skill can join. You'll also have the opportunity to learn new skills you're curious about. We are Tilted Shed a local game studio in Orange whose mission is to help develop aspiring game developers and spread the joy of creating games.

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Tilted COVID-25th Game Jam

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"Great job to all of you guys who threw together a game in a day last month!" If you're interested to do something with an awesome community come join Tilted Shed in while making cool games in a day! For those looking for competition and for winning the $100+ prize: 1. Enter $10($4 goes to prize pool) to Tilted's kofi for entry: https://ko-fi.com/tiltedshedstudios For those looking to chill and make games just join our discord: discord.gg/dKrsHg Suggest themes here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ai3PWQzk0Cn6uKGWth-V3YqUOqOtbr8WjriKt4wVXAY/edit?usp=sharing FAQ: 1. Teams or solo? 1a. You can make teams or go at it solo! 2. What skill level do I need? 2a. You can be a beginner to pro, everyone here is very welcoming and if you ask nicely :D will probably help you out! 3. What is the Mad Libs Challenge? 3a. You'll be given a set of nouns and adjectives, and you'll be tasked to insert those words into a story, and then make a game from that story!

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Tilted COVID-24th Game Jam

Online event

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