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What we’re about

Merry Meet!

The Order of the Black Hat is an international eclectic order of witches. We take our spiritual path very seriously, yet strive not to take our egos too seriously. We each have a responsibility to grow in the wisdom, love, and power of our deities, and continually learn, heal, and become stronger. We all have a responsibility to share our skills and insights with others, and to serve within our community and beyond it.

Important Black Hat Rules and Reminders:

1. To cast a circle is to create a place of protected and safe space. Our circle is sacred, please follow these simple guidelines.

2. If you are leaving or entering the circle, you MUST wait for a visualized "doorway" to be opened for you by one of the HPs.

3. Please use the restroom before circle, it is not fair to pull others out of the circle to unlock the doors to the shop. (We know emergencies happen)

4. Again, it is not only rude, but people moving in and out of the circle destroys the energy and effectiveness of the circle

5. No texting and no chit-chat when others have the floor.

6. We recognize that this is a place of healing, and we all do our part to share with the intent of healing ourselves and the world. We share stories not advice, realizing that we are all works in progress.

Important Reminders:

1. Most of our circles will be outside, please dress for the weather, and bring a chair or blanket to sit on.

2. There is a $1.00 donation for each person, please look for the donation box!

3. When leaving the circle, please check your space for any items or trash that you might have left.

4. When using your phone as a flashlight, please be considerate of those across the circle from you, those bright lights can cause migraines.

Use of Workshop/Circle Space Agreement at Sticks and Stones:

1. (Facilitators) Feel free to arrange and decorate the space before your event and make sure before you go to leave it as you found it.

2. Hot water and tea are provided by the store and you are welcome to help yourselves. We accept donations in the form of money, tea, paper products (tissues, paper towels, toilet paper) dish soap, etc, to help pay for this free service.

3. You are welcome to bring snacks and drinks to your event (no alcohol.) It is suggested that you bring any utensils and plates if needed, however, we might have some available from previous donations if you forget.

4. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times, in all areas of the store. Anyone under 18 must have a parent or guardian present to take any of the workshops/classes.

5. Sticks and Stones respects each and everyone’s spiritual path; we do not discriminate based on race, religion, sexuality, political views, etc. Please be kind and respectful with your discussions, as we have many people from all faiths entering our store during business hours.

Your path does not matter...if you are a witch and you wear a "black hat" you are welcome to join us. Please answer the few entry questions and abide by our simple rules to make this a safe and sacred space for us all. Thank you!

Goddess Bless!