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Valentines Trip: B&B in the Smokeys
Join me online to discuss our upcoming FEBRUARY trip; a Valentine's Day trip to Gatlinburg where we plan to stay as a group in a beautiful Bed & Breakfast and explore the beautiful Smokey Mountains. We will be discussing our dates, flying versus carpooling or chartering a bus and our itenerary for the weekend. 556 miles one-way; 8 hours and 45 minutes if we drive, plus pitstops to eat, fuel up and restroom breaks. Remember...don't say the words, "I can't afford it." Replace that with..."HOW can I afford it!" We will be brainstorming our funding strategies.

Needs a location

What we're about

Everyone DIES, but not everyone truly LIVES. What's holding you back from living the life of your dreams? The most common response I hear is "time and money." Did you know that your income level and rate of success or lack thereof is directly proportionate to the 5 people you spend the most time with each day, week and month? I'm sure you've heard the expression, "birds of a feather flock together." We tell our children and grandchildren that, yet WE don't follow our own advice. If you want to soar with the eagles you gotta STOP hanging around with "turkeys!" :-)

If you're not INSPIRED by the people around you each day, it's time to meet some NEW people! The only difference between a "rut" and a "grave," are the dimensions. It's time to stop leaving your life to chance and choose instead to surround yourself with ladies who will challenge you and inspire you to rise higher; to do more, be more and achieve more.

Equipping Every Woman's Passion and Purpose. Ordinary Women Living Extraordinary Lives. Most of us would say we want to make a difference with our lives and know we are living far beneath our potential. Come join the fun in a comfortable home setting where you are free to share your big dreams and aspirations, ask, seek and give advice, learn, have a ton of fun, make new friends and leave filled with inspiration, tools and resources to create, fund and live the life of your dreams; a life worth smiling and talking about!

What We Do:
Everyone Brings Something To The Table! Bon Appetit Lunch & Dinner Parties For High Achievers is a Mastermind Alliance Network of twenty 5 person teams per Chapter that meet on a regular basis online and offline in homes and businesses throughout the region in an effort to help one another reach the dreams and aspirations they have set for their personal and professional lives. We brainstorm ideas, share information, tips, advice and resources, and collaborate on projects that will help make our communities a better place to live, work and play. Projects are crowdfunded by our Project Supporters and we reward them with revenue-sharing royalty rewards each month or quarter depending on the project.

Monthly Topics:
Week 1: Personal Development
Week 2: Entrepreneurship
Week 3: Money Management, Wealth Building & Investing
Week 4: Leadership Development, Recognition & Rewards

What To Expect: Each Attendee will come prepared to brainstorm and discuss the assigned monthly topic and any "problem" presented by the Members, as well as celebrate each Member's accomplishments, no matter how small or how large. We speak the truth and tell you what you "need to hear," not necessarily what you want to hear. Sometimes that may be tough to hear, but we must always be mindful as to "how" we present these "truths;" always as constructive criticism. We want EVERY Member to be wildly successful. YOUR success is OUR success.

WHO Are We?
This is for ladies who refuse to live a mediocre life; our ladies aspire to do EXTRAORDINARY things with their lives! We love meeting new people, are interested in building lasting friendships, attend FUN lunch and dinner parties and enjoys socializing over a great meal.

Simple, Unique and Affordable

Simple To Understand.
Women understand the importance of relationships, good food and self-improvement. We won't have to spend a lot of time trying to explain "what" we do, or "why" we're doing it. We've just packaged and positioned ourselves differently so we can make a larger impact on more people, faster.

There are not other programs like this one available; which means that once perfected in NWFL (375 thousand households), we could take this concept NATIONWIDE (126 million households)...then WORLDWIDE. Wouldn't YOU like to get "IN" on a piece of that action?

Affordable Quarterly Membership:
Our program is so affordable that EVERY woman, including single moms can easily afford to join. You will save $$$ when you reserve multiple seats every 90-days. Reserving in advance helps us plan how many seats we need to reserve at our site host locations.

Annual Membership: $35/Year plus Event Reservations

$30 for 3 seats

$50 for 6 seats

$75 for 9 seats

Hostesses Wanted: If you are someone who enjoys hosting parties in your home, and have the parking space available, consider signing up as one of our dinner hosts and hosting one of our events at your home. Nothing fancy is required; just seating for a minimum of 6 guests. These events are "potluck," so the host is only responsible for providing the "space," for us to meet. We handle all the other details.

NWFL Business Host Sponsors Wanted: If you are a business, home-based or brick and mortar, Hosting or Sponsoring an event would be an affordable way to promote your business and get prospective customers INSIDE your business on a regular basis. If you don't have a venue, we will work with you to give you credit for your Sponsorship. You will be give a spotlight opportunity during the opening remarks and will be included in our promotional material. Sponsorships are $100 for unlimited quarterly events or $50 for 1 event.

We schedule our parties 90-days out so we are now booking Hosts and taking Dinner Party reservations for January - March 2019. You may Host 1 or more parties quarterly, monthly or weekly. Time Slots Available: 11:30 - 1 or 6-7:30 pm Tuesday and/or Friday.

To Learn More...

RSVP to join a local Chapter, attend an upcoming Kickoff party in Navarre and explore the exciting opportunities slated for the upcoming year! Feel free to make suggestions for themes and tabletop discussions.

Registration Link: https://bonappetitdinnerpartiesforachievers... (

Chapters Now Forming:

Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton Counties

Pensacola - Milton - Pace - Gulf Breeze / Navarre - Crestview

Fort Walton Beach - Destin/Miramar Beach - 30A

PS Attention Members From 2015 - 2018. If you have been a Member since 2015, but have not attended any events, participated in discussions or haven't visited this site in the last 90-days, I sent you an email and have removed you from the database. It's very important that we start the New Year with folks who are COMMITTED to our vision and mission and that you are in the "right" group for your interest. I think you would agree that having hundreds of members doesn't do us any good if you are not an active participant. I'm in the process of upgrading this account and you will notice that I've changed the focus of this particular group into something very specific rather than include all our projects on this one site. This group page is now a Women's Mastermind Network serving NWFL. If you are interested in joining, feel free to click the link above and register for 2019! Merry Christmas!

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