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This Meetup is to organize groups for photo adventures around the Central Oregon Coastal Area. It is a beautiful area with lots of wildlife and sights. We encourage both experienced and novice photographers to join.

We also try to help build skills to those new to the hobby or those who have a new camera and are trying to figure out all those modes besides AUTO. :-)

Everyone who joins is welcome to do so for 30 days, but if this group holds your interest we request that after then you help by contributing $10 per year towards group expenses.

Upcoming events (2)

Sunrise along Yaquina Bay Bridge

Yaquina Bay State Park

Sunrise along the Bay can be magical. On this day, we have a high slack tide. That gives us all kinds of interesting options and if the wind cooperates, nice smooth water.
Bring all your gear as wides to teles are all useful on an outing like this. Also, we won't be far from our vehicles...so minimal lugging is required.

Neskowin Ghost Forest

Neskowin Beach

Oregon has some two dozen "Ghost Forests". One of the largest and happily one of the closest to us is the Ghost Forest in Neskowin.
Ghost Forests are believed to been created by seismic activity along the coast, followed by a tsunami. This flattened the forest and generally buried the remains.

The Ghost Forest in Neskowin remained buried until some severe winter storms uncovered it some 30 years ago. Carbon dating has timed the demise of this forest to about 1,750 years ago. Since it was buried much of that time, the stumps are remarkably intact.

On this day, we have a sunset (at 5:21p) lining up nicely with a low tide (-1.04' @ 5:11p) . There are just so many artistic compositions possible with the stumps as a foreground element, Proposal Rock as a background and a sunset to frame it all...I am sure we'll have lots of fun shooting this.

For this outing, you'll want medium and wide angle lenses. You'll also want neutral density filters (ND8-64 should do it) to slow the water down and a tripod to put your gear on. A remote shutter will be helpful as well.
I will be wearing waders (they are so stylish). At a minimum, you'll want water shoes or bare feet (burr) as the interesting shots will be in the area where the surf is coming in and out. This outing is in winter so the weather be cool and possibly wet.
Dress appropriately. This is a light rain or shine event.

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Evening and Night Shoot along Siletz Bay

Siletz Islets Turnout

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