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This Meetup is to organize groups for photo adventures around the Central Oregon Coastal Area. It is a beautiful area with lots of wildlife and sights. We encourage both experienced and novice photographers to join.

We also try to help build skills to those new to the hobby or those who have a new camera and are trying to figure out all those modes besides AUTO. :-)

Everyone who joins is welcome to do so for 30 days, but if this group holds your interest we request that after then you help by contributing $10 per year towards group expenses.

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Comet Neowise and Night Photography Workshop

200 Ojalla Rd

Many in the group have asked about astrophotography over the past year. We have a cool celestial event happening right now with the appearance of Comet Neowise. I posted a photo of it that I took two days ago. Over the next week, the skies will get progressively darker as we go into a new moon. At the same time, the comet will get dimmer as it gets further from the sun. I think the happy middle ground may be this Friday night. We'll have no moon at all until about 3AM and only 12% moon thereafter. Let's go shoot some stars! I'll be showing folks how to capture the comet and the Milky Way. For those who are interested, I can even show you how to capture a galactic arc like I took in the Alvord Desert a few weeks ago. For this outing you need a good solid tripod. If you have a tripod that isn't very stiff, then be prepared to spend some time on your knees as you will be keeping the legs on your tripod short to keep it dead steady. The comet shot I posted above was captured with a[masked]mm f/2.8 lens. Most any lens that will be slightly tele [masked]mm on FF and[masked]mm on a crop sensor) will work. If you want to capture the Milky Way, you'll want a fast wide angle lens. The one I posted in the Alvord Desert was taken with a 14-24mm f/2.8 which is perfect for this kind of shot. Other things to bring: 1. A dark colored cloth to cover the eyepiece of your camera 2. Cable release 3. Leave your filters at home 4. plenty of batteries and a blank flash card 5. Folding chair The spot I have selected for this meetup is far away from all city lights, is on a little traveled paved road and should afford good viewing for all. Bring a headlamp, some warm clothes and a thermos with something warm to drink! Please note that there is no cell service out there, so be sure to print out the meetup location. Please note that if the skies are going to be cloudy, I will likely cancel this as there isn't much reason to be out there then.

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Short Notice - Seal Rocks at Sunset

Seal Rocks State Wayside

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