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This Meetup is to organize groups for photo adventures around the Central Oregon Coastal Area. It is a beautiful area with lots of wildlife and sights. We encourage both experienced and novice photographers to join.

We also try to help build skills to those new to the hobby or those who have a new camera and are trying to figure out all those modes besides AUTO. :-)

Everyone who joins is welcome to do so for 30 days, but if this group holds your interest we request that after then you help by contributing $10 per year towards group expenses.

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Thor's Well Photoshoot

Cape Perpetua Visitor Center

This is a very cool outing folks, and the group's signature photoshoot. If the weather cooperates this day should be perfect for shooting epic shots of Thor's Well. It will also take some luck. Please note that I was at Thor's Well 5 or 6 times before it all came together like in these shots below. The key to getting the classic shot of Thor's Well is to have a high tide about 7ft an hour or so before sunset. In 2019, this is the first day on a weekend with about the right conditions. High tide is at 10:53PM at 7.5ft and sunset is at 9:06PM. The high tide at sunset is therefore is a fairly safe 6.5ft To take this shot, you need a tripod. The shot above was shot with a wide angle lens (18mm on a full frame camera, about 12mm on a cropped frame camera). It's not essential that you have a lens that wide, but it will make the shot more dramatic. You'll also need a gallon zip lock bag to drape over your camera between shots to keep the spray off of the lens. You should have another ziplock bag with cloth wipes to clean your lens. Since we are shooting into the sun (we hope anyways), you will be shooting with your exposure comp way down (like -1.5). The results will only come to life in post. So for those that don't have edit software, I'll try to help. I do my work in Lightroom and recommend it. A couple of pro tips: 1. You MUST keep your lens clean. I can't emphasize this enough!!!! You are shooting into the sun. Salt spray puts a terrible salt sheen on your lens with every wave's mist. I end up cleaning my lens, keeping it covered and only uncover it when I think the wave will produce the right effect. Then repeat for most every shot. 2. A 3 stop hard edge reverse grad filter is helpful along with a polarizer. They are not cheap, but are perfect for ocean sunset shots since the ocean provides a perfectly flat horizon and the sun is sitting just above it. Here is a link to one: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/615228-REG/Singh_Ray_R_63_Daryl_Benson_4x6_Reverse.html Although this outing is targeting Thor's Well, there are many other interesting water shots to be had at Cape Perpetua. If Thor's Well looks a little intimidating, you'll still have a great time. You will need warm, water tight clothes and footwear that can get wet. Even better are shoes that keep the water out. You may want to bring water pants and a change of clothes. I wear waders. It can get pretty damp out there! You will be on uneven terrain and getting this close to a water feature can be dangerous. I will therefore be having everyone signing a waiver before walking out there. Due to the limited area to shoot out there, this outing is limited to 10 photographers. If you are bringing a guest who will not be out there shooting, that person is not subject to the attendance limit. We will meet at the Thor's Well / Sprouting Horn turnout off 101 about 1/4 mile south of the Visitor's Center.

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