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It seems the end of the world is near. We all hear how at any moment civilization as we know it could end. It seems we are living in borrowed time.

Have you done enough to protect yourself and your family?

Do you even know how to handle what’s next?

Any idea how to start?

These are the questions we intent to explore in our meetings. We will discuss disaster scenarios and what to do to mitigate their impact in your life.
Asteroid impact
Global Pandemic
Super Volcano eruption
Weather Change
Economic Collapse
And many more.

We will combine the Prepper and Survivalism philosophies into a cohesive blend of ideas to help us deal with any situation that forces us to fight for our survival. The world is getting increasingly unpredictable. We need to prepare for all possible disasters in a way that is smart, practical, and effective. Our families depend on us to keep them safe. Do you want to be ready? Join us.

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Preparations for the future.

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