What we're about

Get together with a friendly like-minded group for gatherings on topics like:
Psychic Development,
Mediumship Development,
Events (including small group readings and larger audience readings),
Social gatherings.

We all come into this world as spiritual beings with amazing potential. We are passionate about helping others develop and share their own unique gifts. We are also passionate about creating a supportive community for those interested in mediumship and other intuitive arts. The group organizers:

Thea Strom - Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator
Thea Strom is a certified psychic medium, and animal communicator. In addition to giving readings, she has several years experience teaching and mentoring people in developing their abilities. She is passionate about bringing out the psychic or medium in everyone, in a grounded and practical way.

Joshua-John DeLorenzo - Psychic Medium~ Joshua is a tested and certified medium by some of the top mediums in the world. Holding venues from 850 people to one-on-ones. Joshua has had clients from all over the world and continues to teach, share, and connect with individuals from all walks of life.

Anna Blossom Cohen - Psychic Medium and Energy Healer
A respected leader of sustainability in the fashion industry, Anna Cohen's design work has been featured in top publications around the world, in TV, film, books and museums. Her intuitive connection always guiding her path, she began to turn her focus to this connection and like a title wave, it has come to the forefront of her work in the world. She has trained for several years, and was a "Medium at Large" at the 7th Annual Afterlife Conference. She does deeply moving and powerful readings connecting people with loved ones who have passed, animals, spirit guides and works within the energy realm to bring healing for individuals, groups and audiences.

Past events (91)

Psychic Development Course - Jan 2022

This event has passed

Mediumship Course - Sept/Oct 2021

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Mediumship Practice Circle - Sept 19, 2021

This event has passed

Online Animal Communication Course - August 2021

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