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Group support in dealing with the ET contact/abduction experience and help in orientation into society. A social group, as much as a sharing group. This group is meant for the purpose of understanding the nature of the abduction/contact experience and how it has impacted our lives, how to deal with the changes it brings, and how to orient the experience into our lives. It is meant not only for those who know they have experienced a hard contact, but for those who suspect they may have had contact (i.e. missing time, etc), or for those who may be genuinely interested in the subject.

We also often delve into topics that overlap the ET experience such as those found in some of Dolores Cannon's "Convoluted Universe" series of books, and Michael Newton's "Journey of Souls" book. Just about anything "soul" and "light worker" related comes up in our meetings.

This is a meetup for those who are serious about the ET subject and it provides a safe environment to anyone who may be looking for a voice for their ET or soul journey experiences. We ask you to respect the experience. Reality to you may not be a reality to another, but it is still reality to the experiencer.

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Our Next UFO/Experiencers Support Group Meeting is Online!

Online event

Thank you again to everyone who came to our last meeting in Beaverton!
It was another great group with amazing experiences to share!

Moving forward...you spoke and I listened! So for our December meeting, we'll be meeting online thru zoom. :)

So, please join us again, or for the 1st time in a safe space to share and connect with others regarding any ET/UF0 or paranormal experiences you might have or suspect you might have.

A lot of us don't have anyone to talk to about their experiences and just can't reconcile or put them into any type of context. Meeting and knowing that there are others that are probably having similar types of experiences can help tremendously.

Hoping to see you there!
Sharon :)

Location: Online thru Zoom

When: Sun Dec 12, 5:00pm - 7:00pm

How much: Free

Facilitator: Sharon Sananda Kumara
Sharon is a lifetime ET experiencer and has a successful practice in the Portland, OR area as a Psychic-Medium, Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Counselor, Channel, Psycho-pomp, Paranormal Researcher, Speaker & Teacher/Student of all Metaphysical subjects. She is the founder of The Kumara Academy of Transformation and Light Journeys Metaphysical Faires. Find out more: https://www.sharonsananda,com YouTube channel Ascension with Sharon Sananda Kumara https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjSjsMOx3ijnQ9klzSaeQhw
FB @Sharon Sananda Kumara

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Our Next UFO/Experiencers Support Group Meeting in Beaverton!

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