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What we're about

Every child is their own unique person – an individual. Every child has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. In what we communicate, how we communicate and the actions we model – we want to model healthy love.

The purpose of this group is to connect with families who practice Attachment or Conscious parenting. We will meet to inspire, share ideas, and have positive social interaction for our little ones and ourselves. (Birth – 5years, specifically). Join other parents in playing, learning and sharing as we build friendships, have fun with our kids and grow. If you are a mom/parent that listens to your inner wisdom, if you listen for and to your child/ren, if you are new to Jenks or new to parenthood, this is the Meetup for you! We can meetup at museums, parks or local attractions in Jenks or the surrounding area!

Positive, Affirming Environment
Please be informed that this group values diversity. We want to appreciate, honor and respect – cultures, languages, people groups, political views, religious views or lack thereof, lifestyles, and etc. This is a non-judgmental environment.

“Attached at the Heart: Eight Proven Parenting Principles for Raising Connected and Compassionate Children (From Preconception to Age 5)” by Barbara Nicholson & Lysa Parker. Revised and Updated.

Principle One – Prepare yourself for pregnancy, birth and parenting: What every parent needs to know

Principle Two – Feed with love and respect: Beginning the attachment process

Principle Three – Responding with sensitivity: Learning the language of love

Principle Four – Use nurturing touch: The healing power of physical closeness

Principle Five – Ensure safe sleep, physically and emotionally: The critical importance of nighttime needs

Principle Six – Provide consistent, loving care: Keeping baby’s attachment secure

Principle Seven – Practice positive discipline: Be the change you wish to see

Principle Eight – Strive for balance in your personal and family life: Peace within creates peace at home

A Legacy of Love

Our children are living examples of what it means to fully embrace life with joy, passion, and enthusiasm by living in the moment and finding wonder in everything. The love, sympathy and affection our children learn from us and others in our lives will carry on into adult relationships and with their children. Our children can be our greatest teachers in life if we allow it - they will change us to grow in ways we never believed possible, and, as a result, we will become better human beings and parents.
If we can truly be the “change we wish to see in the world,” then we can provide a home rich with love, safety, protection, imagination, and joy. When children are carefully and consciously raised with empathy, they will naturally be more compassionate towards others.
Our children don’t care if we have money, position, fame, or beauty. To them, we are the universe, and all they ask of us is our love, our time, and our nurturance. In return, they give us their unconditional love and joy and the promise of a lifetime of connection. An excerpt from “Attached at the Heart…” (Nicholson & Parker, 240).

Policy Updates & Changes (2)

1.Active Members Policy

This group is for those choosing to attend events regularly. If you’re not making an effort to participate every 4-8 weeks, we will consider you inactive and your position will be made available for others. At each event, we ask that you make it clear who you are so as to help distinguish amongst active and non-active members. This policy, effective immediately. Summer, June and onward.

2. Members

Our focus will be on participating with our children, engaging with them in their play, and enjoying positive interactions with families. We can't do that, in my opinion, if a parent attends a meetup by themselves. So in light of this, this meetup will not be open to members who do not have children that they can bring to meetups, and we will be only accepting new members who have children from ages Birth - 5. This pertains to current members who don't meet this criteria either. This policy, effective immediately. Summer, June and onward.

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