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Hi, I’m Sonnet Grant (http://sonnetgrant.com/bio/). I’m a life coach here in Boulder. One of my specialties is helping people organize and simplify their lives from the inside out.
It is my belief that our outside world is often a reflection of our inside world. My goal is to assist my clients in shifting their inner world while also helping them organize their outer world…and have fun in the process!


On the outside it might look like:
• Clutter & messes
• Disorganization
• Storage issues
• Lack of space
• Lack of simplicity
• Too many belongings
• Noise
• Space that's not being used

On the inside it can feel like:

• Emotional attachments
• Fears
• Stress
• Lack of clarity
• Inability to make decisions
• Overwhelm
• Unclear picture about where you want to go

I thought it would be fun to create a meet up group based around these ideas. A place to learn, discuss, explore and support each other. I will be offering a five part class to start and then we'll see where it goes from there!

Some of the benefits:

• Make progress on some of those organizing/tidying projects you’ve been putting off

• Experience a new sense of simplicity and peace

• Get support in discovering what your values are and how to have your environment reflect them

• Learn to stay in an place of possibility and curiosity about your patterns, systems, habits and beliefs

• Let go so you can re-energize your life

• Refocus your attitude and attention

“If everything is important, then nothing is” - Courtney Carver

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