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Since January 2019, Meetup.com has discontinued its in person organizers training program but has graciously kept this group up for local organizer discussions. This community initiative is operated by local meetup organizers and not Meetup.com. All costs associated (eg. food, events and stationaries) are covered by local volunteer organizers at their own dime.


This is the organizer Meetup for organizers. Being a part of this community will teach you how to find your people and elevate your experiences. We know that growing a great Meetup requires care and attention, and we’re here to learn from each other.

As a member of this Meetup group, you’ll learn how to:

- Create a Meetup group of passionate members that feel like family

- Schedule Meetups where members show up and thrive

- Connect with other local organizers, just like you

When you join this Meetup group, you’ll have the opportunity to elevate the community you’re building by learning and sharing your knowledge with the broader Vancouver Meetup community.

This Meetup is powered by local volunteers who are passionate about creating more human connections. If you want to join your local leadership team, suggest a Meetup, or host your own, please contact your City Organizer.

This is a community space for all organizers. All online and offline behavior deemed as inappropriate will be moderated by your City Organizer and Meetup HQ.

Upcoming events (2)

Let's do a massive meetup of meetup event (An Idea)

Needs a location

This is just an idea

Can you believe it? 2018 has almost passed and we congratulate you all for a successful year of community building. What better way is it to end the year with a massive meetup of meetup event?

This would be a great opportunity for groups that normally would not have the means to put on a year end party to have one this year. This idea has been requested by a number of organizers and if there's enough groups interested in coming on board, we may make it a reality.

We are currently looking at different venues and may possibly do a dinner event at a restaurant if there are enough attendees to meet a minimum spend commitment. We also will need to see which group organizers may be interested in helping out and help brainstorm.

-who's doing what?

-Organizer Meetup Vancouver
-YVR Startups
-Vancouver Disciplined Trading Hub
-Career Success Cafe
-YVR Foodies
-Entrepreneur Community of Vancouver
-Vancouver Crypto Network

If you would like to participate with your meetup, just post your meetup group name below and I'll add it to the list.

An Idea - Meetup Olympics!

Needs a location

What happens when you bring together 10 groups to have a fun outdoor sports day event? You're gonna have an amazing meetup of meetup!

This is just an idea brought about at one of our organizers hangouts.

We do need a couple organizers who can champion this event and plan out the logistics.

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