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Orgasmic Couples is for individuals and couples - whether married, dating or just getting started - who are interested in going DEEPER. Deeper in connection. Deeper in intimacy. Deeper in play. And deeper in Orgasm.

What does that mean? Orgasm is not just that moment of quick release in the bedroom. Yes, that can be hot too! But it can also be hard work to get there, and, simply put, that moment just doesn't last.

In this new definition, Orgasm is the FLOW OF SENSATION, available at every moment, that FILLS YOU UP. That has you feel that ELECTRIC BUZZ in your belly as you walk through the day. That keeps a smile on your face. That helps you feel SOFTER where you sometimes feel jagged and MORE CONFIDENT where you sometimes grow uncertain. That even inspires you to be a better person. Yes, orgasm can infuse every aspect of your life.

Being an "Orgasmic Couple" means that through your connection, you have tapped into that RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCE of Orgasm. So your relationship actually becomes a VEHICLE for more vitality, inspiration and turn on in every part of your lives (and the lives of those around you, too!)

Yes, it IS possible.

Being in a relationship can feel like a lot of work. Sometimes, that hard work can just plain drain us. But if you're willing to invest in it, sometimes that work can TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. I want you to have that. I want us all to have that.

I started this group to share tools and support with couples in the DFW area to help you turn your relating from "hard work" into play; from "same ol', same ol" to spontaneous and unpredictable; from "tepid waters" to irresistable sparks of turn on. Through community talks, communication events, classes and trainings, you can have this, and more.

Individuals, couples, and people of all gender identities and sexual preferences are welcome.

Interested? Please join us for an upcoming Meetup, and spread the word! Everyone you and I know is hungry for connection. Most people just have no idea how to get there. Together let's turn DFW into a town of happy, connected, fulfilled and ORGASMIC couples!

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