The Short Story Challenge: What are good ways to generate story ideas?


"No idea is so outlandish that it should not be considered with a searching but at the same time a steady eye." Winston Churchill


I hope your writing is going well.

We had a successful meeting last Tuesday with 17 writers in attendance. It was good to listen to a paragraph or two from Mark Haddon, Elmore Leonard, Robert E. Howard, Neil Gaiman, VS Pritchett and Saki. A varied selection of readings that inspired interesting discussions.

And now to next Tuesday. The focus is 'Ideas'. We challenge you to write a list of just ten story ideas. Just one-liners. These could be about characters or places or memories: 'That time when...' Maybe even an old story given a fresh twist.

Then come along to the next meeting and enjoy the opening discussion as we look at the many ways of thinking up ideas. And then, as we always do, let's workshop a few stories. If you want to bring copies of your work to the group, then six is usually enough for everyone to share.

See you next Tuesday!

Rupert, Gal and the Original Writers Gang

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