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The Four Noble Truths are not any religion at all. They are a methodology: 1. to understand the problem; 2. to realize the origination of the problem; 3. to cease the problem only if the origination of the problem is ceased; 4. to establish the procedure and path to cease the origination of the problem; 5. to practice the right path to cease the problem; 6. to liberate from the problem.

Let's explore the original teachings of the historical Buddha Sakyamuni based on the Suttas (or Sutras) from oral transmissions in the first Buddhist Council -- three rounds & twelve aspects of the Four Noble Truths and the Seven Factors of Awakening (see Files under "More" menu). It is called the middle-path or the one-path (Ekāyana = Eka + ayana) for Enlightenment.

In contrast to other traditions, Original Buddhism relies exclusively on the core teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism. For the purpose of comparison, our closest mainstream tradition is Theravada. The scriptures that we normally study are Samyutta-Nikaya, Majjhima-Nikaya, Digha-Nikaya and Angutara-Nikaya.

To cherish lives and our environment, let's practice to be vegetarians. To benefit our community, let's develop the four bonds of fellowship "generosity, kind words, beneficial help, consistency" (cf. AN.4.32).

There are no formal prerequisites and the classes are free. We welcome participants regardless of experience, who are willing to make the commitment. All students will be expected to arrive on time, attend complete sessions, and while at the temple, observe Buddhist customs. For information on Original Buddhism, please visit http://www.arahant.org (http://www.arahant-usa.org)/. For further details on the study, the group's organizer can be reached at 917-916-0091.

Those who wants to study and compare the Suttas of the four main Pali Nikayas online and their counterparts in various languages, please refer to the Online Sutta Correspondence Project at http://www.suttacentral.net/

For Suttas in German, please refer to http://palikanon.com/

For Suttas in Spanish, please refer to http://www.bosquetheravada.org/

Audio material: Karma of fatalism versus and karma of Relevant Influencing (spoken in Chinese; translation in English)


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