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Introduction to Laser Cutting
Laser Cutting Induction [LC101] Description: In this induction, the member will be introduced to the capabilities and the limitations of Originbase’s CO2 laser cutting equipment and will be taught to use it to do cutting and etching in a safe and a sound manner. Duration: 2-3 hours Equipment Access: Upon the successful completion of this induction, the member will be granted access to the laser cutting equipment in the makerspace including the two bigger laser cutters and the smaller one with a rotary attachment. Also access to the bending tools will be permitted after this induction, allowing the member to make the most out of this fabrication technique. Project: In this induction, RDWorks will be used to etch the member’s name on a piece of bent acrylic which serves as a demonstration etching, cutting and the thermal bending of acrylic. Prerequisite: Despite the fact that previous knowledge of any vector design software will be of great benefit, this induction is designed not to require any previous knowledge of laser cutting and/or vector design at all. It is an absolute-beginner induction with no prerequisites whatsoever. Minimum Age: 19 Minimum / Maximum Attendees: 1-6 attendees Workshop requirements Bringing own laptop is advised but not required Testing - Identification of non-toxic laser cutting material - Focusing of the laser beam - Manual movement of the laser head in x/y/rotary directions - Setting the origin - Framing the design - Troubleshooting a non-powering laser (due to the position of the master laser knob or turning off the blower) - Troubleshoot a non-powering controller (the emergency button is pressed) - Discover the right cutting parameters (speed/power) of an existing material independently and autonomously Caveats None Workshop Agenda 1. Prepare [5 minutes] Members who brought their laptops will install RDWorks on their personal laptops 2. Machine induction [1 - 1.5 hours depending on the number of attendees] In this part of the induction, the members will be given hand-on knowledge on how to operate the machine from the controller, which is a part of the laser cutter 3. Parameter-discovery [10 minutes] After the members learn how to control the machine via its controller, they learn how to figure out the right cutting parameters for any given material, which is needed to move to the sodtware 4. Software induction [30 minutes] Using the parameters discovered, the members will move to their laptops or watch the instructor use the software to implement this knowledge and prepare/execute a simple CNC cutting/etching job 5. Thermal bending of Acrylic [10 minutes] Finally, the members are shown the possibilities created by bending the laser acrylic thermally using the tools available at Originbase. This completes the induction session. Workshop Fees: Members: AED[masked] Non-Members: AED[masked] Payment: Payment is accepted through Meetup using Paypal in US dollars - the rate indicated is for non-members of the makerspace. Alternatively payment can be made in cash or through a bank transfer. Please email us for details at: [masked] Terms of Service Reservation: RSVPs are not confirmed bookings and do not guarantee a spot in a workshop or event. Bookings can only be confirmed as reservations after making a payment or deposit, on a first come first serve basis. Cancellation: A deposit will be refunded in full if cancellation is made 3 days prior to the start of the workshop or event. Members can freely reschedule their induction workshop free of charge, however a notice should be provided at least 48 hours in advance.

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