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ORIOLE CLUB - Feel like home abroad!

Are you new in town Budapest? Don't have friends or job here? Join us!

Oriole Club was founded by two good friends, Edit and Judit, who feel strongly to help foreign people to feel like being home in Budapest.

•We invite our expat friends to tell about their stories, how they started and succeeded,
•We help making friends,
•We help finding job,
•We link visioners with investors,
•We help finding apartment,
•We build inspiring multicultural community,
•We build strong circle of friends,
•We show & involve in Hungarian culture,
•We organize collective extracurricular programmes (outgoing, sightseeing, hiking, travelling, sports, culture, arts, gastro, board game, cards),
•Indoor party after the programmes,
•We give tips to enjoy Budapest,
•We prepare everytime with thematical topics,
•Exclusive venue in the heart of Budapest.

Date: every second Wednesday
Time: 7-10pm
Location: La Vida Szív (7 Szív Street, H-1063 Budapest)
Drink&Food&Venue: 6000 HUF
Thematical topic: new topic at every event
Event storyteller: our expat friends and other successful people
Host: Edit

Contact: Edit
Email: hello.orioleclub@gmail.com
Website: http://www.orioleclubcom.wordpress.com


We follow Evan Carmichael’s activity on YouTube for 3 years. We love his videos and wanna share with you to inspire you too. He’s compiling the essence of best advice of successful people. Listen and watch!


They are great people but not better than you or us. So we encourage you to watch the videos but not finish with that. After, come and meet great people offline, and have real conversation and activities together! Oriole Club is perfect place to it. ;)

Look at Michelle Phan’s Top 10 Rules For Success here:

“I came from a mother and father who are both immigrants, didn’t speak English, so I had to learn English on my own. Had to learn it through TV and through school and had to learn how to speak Vietnamese at home. Everything I know of today I had to teach myself, I had to learn from other people, bring on mentors, and also adapting. Silencing my mind and just observing, quietly and adapting to that.”

“Find your qualities. Instead of focusing on the negative which I know can be hard, focus on the positive. No one is perfect at everything, and we’re all made to be perfectly imperfect. And if you don’t think you have a quality, just ask yourself this simple question. What am I good at? Everyone is good at something. Pick up on a passion and nurture it because this helps to build self-worth. It gives you something to do and strive for it.”


Look at Execute On Your Plans video here:

“Well, any organization, any idea is great but if you don’t have the money, you can’t implement anything. I believe in making one dollar into two, and having a good time, way to pay my taxes. So, when someone says. Hey, Arnold, we have bad news. You owe 50 million dollars, in taxes. I say, wow! Yesss! And than they look at me and say, why are you happy about? Because that means, we must have made a lot of money, to have to pay that much money in taxes.” :D (05:54, Arnold Schwarzenegger)

“The reality is reading a book, or going to a conference, or having a great conversation, that’s all fantastic. But what makes mastery, is execution on the ideas, not the ideas. I think, we’ve all observed a lot of people, who love reading the books, love showing up at the courses. They do all the online training, and nothing ever changes. And they say, I don’t know why it doesn’t change, why my life doesn’t change, why my thinking doesn’t change, why my performance doesn’t change, why my relation doesn’t change. Well, it’s because, ideas don’t work if you don’t execute on them.” (06:47, Robin Sharma)


Look at Ashton Kutcher’s Top 10 Rules For Success here:

“What is the most magnificent question? Well, I have a question that I like to ask to people that I admire in the world. And when I run into someone in the world that I admire, and I get to run into these people quite frequently, I like to ask this one question, and that is, What’s the best advice that you’ve ever received, to get you to where you are?

So I reached out to my fiance, Mila, and she said, “Don’t let your ego get in the way of asking for help.” To me that is great advice, I can use that advice all the time.

I reached out to Taylor Swift. She said, “Keep your hopes high and your expectations low. You’re not entitled to anything, but there’s nothing that you can’t earn. And most importantly, enthusiasm can protect you from absolutely anything.” Ooh, that’s good.

I reached out to Bradley Cooper. He said, “I found a true difference in my daily life. Knowing that we all have ourselves and all we have ourselves, our uniqueness, that is what we can use to cultivate in order to create.” Just be yourself. Simple advice, but it’s really good advice.

I reached out to Chris Rock, and I love his advice. “People that can’t listen can’t lead. And one of the keys to success is the ability to listen people that you know that you are smarter than. I do think that it’s important to listen to people that you know that you’re smarter than, ’cause you may not be.” And then he signed it, “The CEO of nothing,” which I thought was pretty good.

And then I reached out to Eric Schmidt, and he said, “Always return phone calls. Take the time. If you put good energy out, it comes back. Whenever possible, say yes. Life is just who you travel with.” I thought that was pretty killer. (07:06)


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