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Don't be a Dinosaur!

Like it or not traditional ways of marketing your business or service through a storefront, print ads, TV & radio etc. for the most part are gone. This opens up huge opportunities for great digital marketers and levels the playing field.

Everyday individuals are building digital presences as big as large corporations. Today, the internet in all its digital forms offers the greatest opportunities in history.

Digital marketing is now THE battlefield for commerce and communication today and into the near future. The problem is Digital Marketing can be complicated and often overwhelming.

Webdesign and search engine optimization (SEO) are critical, but no longer enough and are now just one rock in the digital marketing garden.

Throwaway your desktop computer?
PCs are losing the relevancy and domination they had just 5 years ago.

Mobile phones are THE digital marketing platform of today and you must build your digital marketing and brand to cater almost exclusively to them.

Look at people today and most will be staring incessantly at their phones. These people do not talk to each other and do not look up. Their brains are lost in their phones. Your job is to make sure they are looking at what you have to offer and effective digital marketing is the key.

Knowledge is Power
Knowledge and implementation of effective digital marketing includes:

• Video

• Photography


• Web Design / Worpress Development / Plugins / Customization

• Transaction psychology (A/B testing)

• Info-graphics

• Thumbnails

• Responsiveness

• Schema


• Big branded online distribution channels (barnacle feeding)

• Facebook / Pintrest/ Snapchat / Instagram / Twitter and any new social thing that pops up.

• How to go viral

• The power of analytics.

• The power and value of influence

And all this is done is now done in a mobile phone environment. This is how you market today.

If you are a new solo-preneur business, non-profit, blogger, influencer or a massive fortune 100 company you need to know this evolving "stuff" and the best place is from your peers.

The college classroom is dead?

Digital media today does not care who you are, where you are from or your level of education. If you are hyper effective at digital marketing everybody will want your business, influence, services and thoughts.

Digital Marketing is first, second and foremost importance.

Today's digital media can not and is not taught effectively in traditional schools because by the time professors write their books or theories it is already out of date.

The digital ground all marketers stand on today is constantly shifting and you must know where to jump to survive.

Our meetings

Our monthly meetings feature top notch speakers and experts in a friendly, laid-back group, all ready to help. We cover all the latest digital marketing techniques, platforms and trending topics.

Marketing anything in the digital age is a marathon not a sprint. We break it down with our speakers chunk by chunk so you don't get overwhelmed.

Our sessions will generally go like this:

• Network

• Introductions

• 1st Speaker 20 mins

• Network / break

• 2nd Speaker 20 Mins

• Network / Break / End

Humans who talk and network

With so much content available online the key of this Meetup group is to ask questions and TALK to each other. This is where the true magic happens.

We welcome anyone with an interest in marketing, SEO, online marketing, Video, social media techniques marketing, photography, webdesign, WordPress, SEO and analytics to bring about best group in social media marketing in Central Florida.

Our Vision:

The Orlando DIGITALMARK (Digital Marketing Web-Video-Social-Analytics) mission is to provide the Orlando community with the most valuable insight, education and strategies in all forms of digital marketing while connecting with like-minded individuals.

We Offer:

• Monthly Meetings – hear from digital marketing experts covering a wide variety of topics and platforms

• Fun, Friendly and Laid-Back Events – opportunities to build professional and personal connections

• Network, Network, Network

• Learning

• Large, friendly community who share stories, tips, tricks and best practices. Our primary goal is to keep you thinking and aware of where you can best deploy digital marketing resources.

Orlando Digital Meetup does not allow:

• Sales pitches

• Know it alls (unless they really know it all)

• People who hog question and answer sessions

• Rudeness

• Scammers

• Internet get rich quick on a beach with your laptop schemes

Who can join?
If you are interested in the meetup from novice to expert you can join. We are open to all.

When are the meetings?
The meetings are once per month.

The Venue
In exchange for venue space each attendee can promote the venue through their dominant social media channel as a sign of appreciation to the venue owner whom we hope will donate for free.

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