What we're about

This group is about:
Populating and creating our neighborhoods like we want them.
Meeting people and binding together to form new families.
Growing roots in one of the most rootless States in the union.
Getting politically involved whether Red or Blue or Gray.
Expressing Religious Freedom or Freedom from it.
Gardening, Landscaping, Oil painting & art, cooking at home.
Helping YOU find a career in Orlando.

We chose to make our home here. Our Choice, our ownership, our lives, expressions, neighbors and neighborhoods are the reasons for this group. This group is about your Maslow's hierarchy of needs! Let's us come together for hospitality, community, hope and happiness.

If you're easily offended or just wanna cause a scene, leave. You won't last long here. If you're cool and believe in the Freedom of Speech with tact and grace, welcome. I don't give lessons in that so, come provisioned. Whatever you want or need to share or be or seek within the law, that's the reason for this group. Don't be all like, "Where can I score me some bud for 4-20?" or "I got $20. Any hot ladies?" Just...No! Otherwise? Welcome Orange, Seminole, Osceola and Lake counties.

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