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What we're about

- We are a Hula Halau (School) whose mission it is to share the Polynesian cultures, dance, and Spirit of Aloha in the Orlando and surrounding areas. We place a strong emphasis on technique and protocols in order to help perpetuate their cultures and dance.

- Classes are offered for children ages 3 and up, women and men, any size, shape, or physical fitness level are welcome!

- We offer classes in Hula and Tahitian Dance, and Maori Poi Basics
- Samoan Siva and other Polynesian dance workshops
- Culture, Costume-making, Lei-making, Performance Preparation, and other specialized workshops
- Performance opportunities are possible for those students who would like to participate...speak to instructor if interested.

- Classes are currently offered in Apopka so please contact us directly or visit us on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/HulaHalauOLeilani
- Our website provides more details on class styles and halau information at: www.HulaSchool.net

-BENEFITS OF HULA DANCING …for the Body, Mind, and Spirit…

For the Body-

• Increases Strength and Flexibility in Core, hips, thighs, calves, shins, back, shoulders, and arms

• Provides Low-Impact Cardiovascular workout

• Improves Coordination, Balance, Posture, Poise and Gracefulness

• Hula for Your Health – studies show an improvement in Osteoporosis and overall health with Hula!

For the Mind-

• Enhances Memory

• Provides Education and Understanding of Hawaiian words, music, history, and culture

• Creates Awareness and Respect for the Hawaiian Culture

• Develops Dedication, Responsibility, and Respect for others

For the Spirit-

• Reduces Stress and Allows for Relaxation

• Creates a Visual and Spiritual Experience

• Gain an Understanding of, and Share the “Spirit of Aloha”

• Develop Lifelong Friendships and become part of the Hula Ohana (family)

Come join us to dance and Share The Spirit of Aloha! We look forward to meeting you soon!

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HULA For Teens & Adults

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HULA For Teens & Adults

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HULA For Teens & Adults

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