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I have been moved to create this group for young adults in the LGBT Community to help my transgender son and people like him find true friends who share the same interests. I don't want him to feel lonely and depress, he is such a beautiful person inside and out, no drugs, only drinks socially, very respectful and honest, caring, smart, well spoken, a professional programmer, who loves to travel, meet up at a café to work with good company who enjoys the doing the same, go to the gym with a friend, take walks enjoying nature and a good conversation, watch a movie, cook a meal, have a friend join in a family dinner or holiday celebration, go canoeing, lunch and dinner. There's no reason for a person like him to be lonely at home during the weekend wondering what others are doing because he has not found friends here in Orlando that will accept him as he is. His true friends are far away, I am sure there are many like him, wanting the same thing. He is well liked among female as he is becoming one. Everyone that feels the same and others that can make a difference in some ones life by welcoming them in their circle is welcome to join this group.

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