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Come explore tech with us. We are committed increasing the influence that women have in building the technologies that shape our culture and change our world.

Countless studies show the benefits of approaching problems with diverse teams, yet women are grossly underrepresented in tech departments, on software development teams, in AI, in technical graphic design, and computer science classrooms.

The more diversity we have in tech, the more inclusive the technologies that shape our culture will become.

Orlando Lady Developers welcomes everyone -- we mean that -- everyone. That includes women, men, trans-women, non-binary people, trans-men, and those who may be questioning their gender.

We encourage men working as developers, designers, or in tech-related fields to join us. Let's work together to bring more women and under-represented folk into technology innovation and software development and empower them to develop next-generation technologies.

Upcoming events (4+)

Dev-cula 2021: project showcases!

Online event

Dev-Cula is back! With a twist! To end Hacktober we want to see your projects! (We also want to see your halloween costumes!)

The Orlando Lady Devs community has been working hard on projects for work, for passion, for learning, and we're excited to have a showcase event for projects.

Come with your work in progress, your finished demo, your idea or proof of concept. Plan to talk and share screen for a few seconds or a few minutes. We're eager to see what you're creating!

Looking for a project to work on through the month of October?

Check out https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/ , https://www.jenkins.io/events/hacktoberfest/ , https://github.com/topics/hacktoberfest your local Code for America Brigade (hey, Code for Orlando! https://www.meetup.com/Code-For-Orlando/), https://www.solveforgood.org/ and many others!

Or pick up a challenge from code wars or many other coding challenge sites.

Join your fellow Lady Devs weekly to do some development & learning through one of our weekly sessions!

[repeating] Server-side Development Study Group - AWS 12 week series

As of 10/14 we are moving into the second course of this series: "Building Modern Node.js Applications on AWS" for Node.js developers"

Join us on slack for the most up-to-date details on what we're covering week to week!

https://tinyurl.com/OrlandoLadyDevsSlack­ // https://join.slack.com/t/orlandoladyde-c7d3588/shared_invite/zt-nojup75u-aj8r30Qy4H3nam4qU7W__A


Let's get together to work through the exercises and tasks of a shared Coursera class.

Each session will be a chance for us to meet each other, talk about our career goals, and discuss how we'll work through the course together.


As of 8/5/21 we are working on the Modern Application Development with Node.js on AWS Specialization. https://www.coursera.org/specializations/aws-nodejs-serverless-development

We're taking the classes in order and started on AWS Cloud Technical Essentials. https://www.coursera.org/learn/aws-cloud-technical-essentials?specialization=aws-nodejs-serverless-development

This is a specialization set at the beginner level, but you can make it intermediate by following the scripting prompts/examples.

We'll aim to do a week of work per week, so the certification should take us about 12 weeks.

Code with me - learning sessions weekly on Saturdays

Online event

Break open your laptops, share topics you are eager to learn about, and join Cynthia weekly to work through problems and topics in data science, machine learning, AI, web development, etc following Code Academy's pro curriculum.

Each week we'll share topics ahead of time, we'll work together and have time for discussion and conversation, and we'll begin to master a new skill!

Cynthia and other session facilitators will share screen and guide the weekly activities. Coders of all interest and skill levels welcome!

Make sure to RSVP so that you get an email with the topics for each week's session!

Image sourced from Self Taught Blog: https://selftaught.blog/the-nine-best-programming-communities-for-new-coders/

Join Zoom Meeting: https://zoom.us/j/93514075999?pwd=TVVYSGs0N0t1aFRQcjNleDM1dU55Zz09

Meeting ID:[masked]
Passcode: 32149

Code challenge bi-weekly coding session

Online event

This is a bi-weekly group who will meet to do active coding challenges together. The goal is to learn together and teach each other how to work through new coding activities together.

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Code with me - learning sessions weekly on Saturdays

Online event

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