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Network After Work is a professional community consisting of Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Executives and thought leaders who understand the importance of building meaningful connections. Built on the idea that professionals in every industry across the world all share a common goal, to develop strong relationships that help grow their businesses and careers. Through meeting in-person and virtually, Network After Work provides a platform that makes connecting easy. Hosting live events in 87 US locations with plans to add additional US cities and international locations, growing your business and relationships has never been easier.

For 10 years, we have been at the forefront of face-to-face business connections. As social media and virtual relationships have been all the rage over the past decade, we have found that live interactions are still the best way to build solid connections. Shaking hands and looking someone in the eye is an invaluable skill and builds the strongest foundation for long lasting connection.

Though meeting in-person is our foundation, meeting virtually is a great accompaniment to our signature live events. With our goal to make your business connections long lasting and sustainable, our mission is to do everything for you, all you need is the desire to seize new opportunities and the willingness to help others.

Visit us on the web at ( https://www.networkafterwork.com/find/FL-Orlando) for additional information.

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RSVP Here: https://xx282.isrefer.com/go/jmppfweb/jmill/ What if I told you that: • You can multiply your productivity without working more hours • You can reduce your stress without settling for less • You can see massive improvements immediately with just a few simple tweaks And my friend, Dr. Ron Friedman, is going to show you how. Ron is a psychologist who specializes in peak performance and motivation. He’s the author of The Best Place to Work (a book that’s been called “a contemporary masterpiece”) and a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Psychology Today, Forbes, CNN, and many other respected publications. Thursday, October 22nd at 3pm EDT, Ron is hosting a masterclass on what science has uncovered about getting more done in less time -- without working harder. Claim your spot here: https://xx282.isrefer.com/go/jmppfweb/jmill/ Lots of people assume that to be successful, they need to work harder. But the truth is, if you’re like most people, you don’t need to work harder. You simply need to work more intelligently. And that’s what this free workshop is about. Here are just some of the many fascinating tips, tricks, and strategies you will learn: • How one simple tweak to your calendar will help you work TWICE as fast. • How the best CEOs use an executive assistant to stay focused (and how you can do the same – without hiring anyone). • The not-so-obvious secret that makes top performers 25% happier, 30% more effective at achieving goals, and significantly wealthier (and how to get it, immediately). Now, I’ve taken a peek at some of the material – and let me tell you, this is unlike any productivity advice I’ve seen before. In fact, much of what you’ll discover during this webinar flies in the face of what many other folks are teaching about productivity. And it’s all backed by the latest scientific research. So, if you’ve ever wondered how you can stay focused, achieve more, and free up your time, then I invite you to join Ron’s workshop where he’ll teach you a proven system for taking control of your time and energy. You can reserve a free spot here: https://xx282.isrefer.com/go/jmppfweb/jmill/

QS Virtual MBA Event

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The opportunity to pursue an MBA from a top business school is now more within your grasp due to the rise of online and hybrid programs, and the international students’ limitations. Now is the time to get ahead of the post-COVID job market with an MBA or specialized business master’s in data analytics, finance, or other high-demand fields! Explore your options at our Virtual Connect MBA event on Thursday, October 22nd at 6:30-9:00PM Take advantage of this and more by attending our Virtual Connect MBA event where you’ll also get access to: • One-on-one meetings with top business schools • A virtual resume review after the event • $5.8M in scholarships • A virtual alumni panel with alumni from Wharton, Berkeley – Haas, and Stanford • And much more – all for FREE! https://www.topmba.com/events/qs-connect-1-2-1/usa-canada/atlanta?utm_source=Network_After_Work&utm_medium=LinkedIn&utm_campaign=Connect-MBA_F20_atlanta&partnerid=5572

How To Sell Authentically Not Annoyingly

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RSVP Here: https://www.networkafterwork.com/event-detail/How_to_Sell_Authentically_Not_Annoyingly-2020-10-28?id=MTM0MA== Sales are an integral part of every business. If you don't make money, you can't support your mission and message, but in order to do it well, it must be handled with care. In this webinar, you'll learn how to sell authentically, not annoyingly by: 1. Educating and being visible with a "runway" of solutions. If you don't solve problems, you aren't remembered. 2. Earning the right to sell. Selling is an art. You'll learn 14 things that have to come before you ever extend an offer. 3. Earning the right to sell. Selling is an art. You'll learn 14 things that have to come before you ever extend an offer. Reserve your spot now! Space is limited.

Virtual Cocktails And Connections

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RSVP here: https://www.networkafterwork.com/event-detail/Virtual_Cocktails_and_Connections-2020-10-28?id=MTM0Mg== Join Network After Work for Network After Work Virtual Networking on Wednesday, October 29th at 6pm EDT. These convenient digitally-driven events take a distinctly 21st-century approach to professional networking. Participate from the comfort of your own home or office and bring your drink of choice to meet business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and career-minded professionals from across the country. Events are hosted by a Network After Work moderator. The purpose of this online event is to bring together busy, social go-getters who understand the importance of networking and growing their connections. This is the perfect place to connect, generate ideas, get feedback and meet people with the same goals that you have. What: Network After Work Virtual Cocktails and Connections When: Wednesday, October 28th, 6pm EDT Where: We will meet virtually! Why you need to be there: • Convenient digitally-driven events take a distinctly 21st-century approach to professional networking. • Participate from your home or office. • Meet business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and career-minded professionals from across the country.

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Trust Equation Masterclass

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