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I'm Lee Walsh, I have been in real estate and financial services for over 20 years. I still believe that Real Estate is the next big thing. That will never change.

When I was given admin rights to the page I read the existing content and the stated mission of the group. I did not know the previous organizers. The group mission is well stated. Let's leave it as said.

"Our Mission is to share our passion for real estate, and to create a community where we can share stories, hone our skills, and learn to fix and flip homes for profit."

Using financial leverage to build real estate wealth is a powerful tool. Our goal is to help you understand how Fix and Flip / Renovation financing works.

We will help you learn the fundamentals and show you how to apply the financing leverage principals to any deal you are considering.

Lee Walsh

Orlando Real Estate Fix & Flip Meetup

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Fix & Flip Financing Workshop 2020

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Fix & Flip Financing 2020 This meetup is for anyone interested in using financial leverage to build real estate wealth fixing and flipping homes. The financial markets for investment lending like Fix and Flip almost shut down completely in March and April. The good news -the market is back. Fix and Flip Financing is back strong. Using financial leverage (other people money) to increase the ROI on your property flips is the smart way for investors to increase ROI. Learn how a lender looks at a fix and flip deal. Learn the language lenders use. Learn the simple math short cuts that will help you earn more on every deal. Learn how using financial leverage can double or triple your ROI. This is a workshop where you will learn fix and flip financing basics. When you complete this workshop you will know: 1. How to determine when using financial leverage is right for your project. 2. How to talk in terms a lender will understand. 3. How to quickly tell if a project is "lendable". 4. How to present a financing package to a lender. This is a ZOOM Meeting - Participation is limited to 25 people to allow interaction between us. Please RSVP.

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Fix and Flip Financing 2020

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