August 2014 Monthly Meeting


If you want to order an ORMC club shirt to wear at the Orlando Maker Faire, please see Rick to place your order and please pre-pay for your order at today's meeting.


This is our monthly meeting on the second Saturday of every month at the Melrose Center on the 2nd floor in the downtown Orlando Library!

We will have social time, a few presentations, and time for everyone to share their projects... So please bring anything you are working on!


0. Social - FPV videos

1. Introductions

2. Announcements, Planning, & Request for Ideas, Suggestions & Feedback, including:

- Maker Faire: ORMC Club Booth Staffing, Business Cards, Stickers - Richard

- Club Shirts for Maker Faire, Place Order Today - Rick

- Maker Faire, Club Logo Sign - Jim

- July "Tech Talk", built bot from parts - Kevin

- DARPA Robotics Challenge - Robbie

- September Meeting will be on 1st Saturday, 9/6, due to Maker Faire on 2nd Weekend - Kevin

- What other activities (presentation topics, contests, etc.) should we do? - Everyone

3. Presentations:

- Android Communications with Arduinos, Alex

- How to "Run Your Presentation From A (Raspberry) Pi", Rob

- Modular Work Cell, Electronic Game Developed with High School Students, Richard & Neil

- OmniWheel Bot, Kevin

- Mr. B, the Sassy Robot Baby, Kevin

4. Show & Tell - Bring your projects and show your work!

See you there!