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Hello writers! Want to be the envy of all the other Florida writers? Tired of getting espresso kicked in your face while writing at the local coffee shop? Looking for a new fashion sensibility in 2014? Can't seem to find your towel when you need it? Tired of blending in with all the other science fiction and fantasy writers when your chameleon circuit is working? THEN: Consider investing in a brand new "Orlando Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers" T-Shirt! The perfect gift for someone you love--or a life form you can barely tolerate! I'm trying to see if there's enough interest from group members who might be interested in purchasing a group t-shirt. In order for this project to happen, I would need at least 10 members (I'm in, so 9 other people) to purchase t-shirts at $20 apiece. Or five members with spouses if both want shirts! Or one member with a family of 10 who wants to clothe his or her entire family in OSFAFW t-shirts for family outings. If you don't attend our meetings in person, you can still show your support by purchasing a t-shirt to support the group and proudly displaying your OSFAFW colors! It wouldn't be anything too fancy, but it would have OSFAFW on the front or back, and likely an illustration as well so that you'll be recognized (and feared) as a member of an elite tribe! When you purchase your t-shirt here, please specify your preferred size in the question at the end or the Paypal notes field. If you forget to do this, please email me your preferred size through the group after you order it. If you don't like using Paypal, you can also pay me in person with cash or check if you'd like to preorder a t-shirt. If you'd like the t-shirt shipped to your home, there will be a surcharge of approximately $4 for mail delivery. In the frightening event not enough members are interested, your money will be refunded, and when shirts go into production, they will likely take 2-3 months to be produced, after 9 more orders are submitted but it could be sooner. Thanks for being a member, & to paraphrase a Vulcan live long and write!


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What we're about

Hello! If you have found this group, you are obviously interested in composing some sort of speculative fiction. Our purpose is to help you improve your writing, provide support, and help you become a published author (if that is your goal).

We meet once a month, typically on a Wednesday or Thursday evening. Our meetings consist primarily of critiques, with occasional short presentations and speakers. Pieces to be critiqued are on a first-come first-serve volunteer basis. Pieces are limited to approximately 5000 words per meeting.

Anyone who is interested in ANY KIND of speculative fiction writing should join: science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, paranormal, horror, supernatural, superhero, utopian, dystopian, post apocalyptic, apocalyptic, and more! We have members who write flash fiction, short stories, screen plays, novellas, and novels.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the group!


1) A person will volunteer their piece of approximately 5000 words or less to be critiqued for a specific meeting date.

2) I post a .doc and .pdf version of the piece in our Files section (see top nav bar) with the date clearly labeled.

3) All members print out the piece and write all over it - with grammar, spelling, thematic, plot, character, narration, voice, etc comments. Both positive and negative.

4) Everyone will bring their marked-up copy to the meeting. Verbal critiques take place at the meeting and focus on craft rather than grammar. All critiques should be constructive and specific. No "I don't like it" or "you suck" allowed. Something more along the lines of "I really like your fresh voice, especially in this paragraph" or "Mary Jane's character could use a little more developing, I feel like I don't know her."

4a) We go around the table in a round robin circle giving feedback to the author. The author makes notes about the comments and then is free to reply at the end after all the critiques have been given. This allows the work to speak for itself and comments are made only about the work itself and not the author's defense of the work.

5) At the end of that critique (and not before), everyone gives their marked up copy to the author. This will help the person remember your thoughts, provides an opportunity for you to voice an opinion you might not make with 10 people listening, and is especially helpful for grammar issues.

6) In a given night, we might give 4-5 critiques on average.

7) Repeat. Please let me know if you have questions!

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