What we're about

This meetup is led by an experienced holistic practitioner and spiritual business owner. Former owner of "The Sanctuary for Mind, Body, and Spirit" in Memphis, TN Mary Ellen has more than a decade of promoting others in many different facets such as on social media, at events, and with their own individual practices.

What are some Mind, Body, Spirit businesses?

• healing arts like reiki, chakra alignments, sound therapy, etc.

• aromatherapy

• yoga

•hypnotherapy and regression techniques

• intuitive readers

• mind/body/spirit goods vendors

• speakers and authors and MANY MORE!

Please refer to our website regularly for more information, and look for networking events in our area. There are many opportunities to introduce you to new individuals who are interested in what you do. If you are looking for new ways to connect, this is the place for you.


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Conscious Living Expo - Orlando

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January Meeting

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Monthly Meeting

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