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In our world of instant gratification, constant stimulation, and endless distractions, Stoicism offers a novel perspective on life. Interested in developing an unconquerable mind? Stoicism has the answers.

We also link ideas to Buddhism, Minimalism, Taoism and other "lived philosophy" systems. We love in-depth discussions!

Defining 'Stoicism': it's an ancient Greek school of philosophy founded about 300 BC in Athens. The first teacher was Zeno of Citium. The school taught that virtue (the highest good) is based on knowledge, and that wise people live in harmony with nature. The school also taught tolerance and self-control.

The goals of our group:

1. Read the canon (the classic books) of Stoic philosophy.

2. Discuss Stoicism in the media, pop culture, and literature.

3. Compare recurring themes in Stoicism to history, religion, psychology, and other branches of philosophy.

There have always been people attracted to Stoicism. It was a major influence on Shakespeare, for example, and in more recent times on people including JD Salinger, Tom Wolfe, and Nelson Mandela.

It’s also attracted political and military leaders, such as Frederick the Great, President Bill Clinton, and Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, who said he read Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations over 100 times.

We hope you will join us. Stoicism helps cope with life's stresses and retain your ethics & principles. We also learn to simplify our lives by using concepts from Buddhism and Minimalism.

We have 3 meetups per week (Mondays, Fridays, Sundays). All are online. We hope to see you soon.

Upcoming events (3)

Clubhouse app: "How Marcus Aurelius built Character"

Online event

This meetup is hosted by our sister-group STOICS IN HIMALAYA (located in Kathmandu, Nepal). Most of the attendees are from Nepal and India. It's online in the Clubhouse app.

Topic - "How Marcus Aurelius built Character"

Description - StoicDan will discuss how Marcus Aurelius developed his character and followed virtue using Stoic ideals.

The App - make sure the app is installed prior to the meeting (see instructions below).

This presentation is attended by 2 groups: Stoics in Himalaya and Orlando Stoics.


For our members in other states and countries:
7:45 AM Pacific Time USA
8:45 AM Mountain Time USA
9:45 AM Central Time USA
10:45 AM Eastern Time USA
11:45 AM Sao Paulo, Brazil
3:45 PM London, England
4:45 PM Berlin, Germany
8:30 PM Kathmandu, Nepal

Clubhouse info

The meeting starts promptly at 10:40AM Eastern Time. Pankaj will introduce the topic and then StoicDan will speak about 10 minutes. Discussion follows. Raise your hand if you want to step on stage (to ask a question). You can also ask questions via the chat area in the google document (see Chat Area instructions above).

No Zoom link is available, because this meeting is hosted on the Clubhouse app. Follow the instructions below.

Instructions to join the club (one time)
1. On your phone, go to the App Store
2. Click the magnifying glass and type "Clubhouse"
3. Look for the app "Clubhouse" with a B&W logo of a guy with glasses
4. Install and run the app
5. Click the magnifier in the upper left corner
7. Click the button "CLUBS" (this is important)
8. Our club will appear, so click it and then join

Instructions to join the meeting (weekly)
1. Load the app 1-2 minutes before the meeting time
2. Click the icon of the calendar (top of screen)
3. See the meeting for this week (click to join)

Group Info

This group enjoys open-minded, respectful conversations. If we differ in our opinions, then "we agree to disagree". The long-term goal is to improve our minds via group discussions.

This meeting is free and open to the public.

ONLINE: “Ajahn Chah: Training the Heart and Mind” (Part 2)

Online event

This is the Monday night meeting for Orlando Stoics. It's online.

This week, we continue our review of the life and wisdom of Ajahn Chah [masked]), a Thai Buddhist Monk, who focused on training the heart and mind using meditation. We will complete his inspirational article and read other quotes of his wisdom for life. Hope you can join us and bring a friend.

StoicDan: “Self-improvement is found on the path through difficulty.”

Reading Material

As usual, I'll prepare an outline of discussion points, so you don't have to read or watch in advance.

Article - https://www.lionsroar.com/training-the-heart/


Meeting time (USA):
7:00PM Eastern
6:00PM Central
5:00PM Mountain
4:00PM Pacific

For our international friends:
8:00PM São Paulo, Brazil
12:00AM London and Ireland
1:00AM Berlin
1:00AM Madrid
3:00AM Dubai
4:30AM Mumbai
4:45AM Kathmandu, Nepal
8:00AM Seoul, South Korea
9:00AM Sydney, Australia

Zoom Info

CLICK TO START MEETING - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82659560546

If you don't have a computer with camera, you can also dial using a phone. Pick one of these numbers and add ID[masked]#
[masked] US (Chicago)
[masked] US (New York)
[masked] US (Houston)
[masked] US (San Jose)
[masked] US
[masked] US

Our group enjoys open-minded, respectful conversations on Stoicism and how it relates to science, culture, philosophy, other belief systems, and even pop culture (books and movies). Sometimes "we agree to disagree", but the long-term goal is to improve our minds via group discussions.

In general, Stoicism teaches us how to handle difficult people and events, how to avoid anger and worry, and overall to use moderation in all aspects of our lives.

This meeting is free and open to the public.

IN PERSON: Lived Philosophy of Henry David Thoreau (Part 3)

Imperial Wine Bar

This is our IN PERSON event for Saturday evenings (every 2 weeks). We are meeting in-person, so no Zoom link is available.

NEW TIME - Starts at 4PM Eastern, so we have enough light to read.

TOPIC – In our discussion of "lived philosophy", we continue with author Henry David Thoreau. We will continue our review chapter 2 in “Walden”. This is the heart of the book and how to live deliberately. We will also compare Stoicism, Buddhism, Minimalism, Taoism, and American Transcendentalism. Please join us for a lively conversation!

VENUE - The venue is Imperial Wine Bar at 1800 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32804 (at the corner of North Orange Avenue and E New Hampshire Street). If less than 10 people show up, we meet in the room "on the right" inside. If more than 10 show up, we meet in the "beer garden" outside. The venue has food and drink, including wine. Parking is free behind the building and across the street.

COST - This event is free, but please consider buying something from the menu (a glass of wine or some food). See menu below.

TIME - 4PM Eastern. We take a break 1 hour into the meeting.

READING - You won't need to read anything in advance! I'll bring printed copies of the outline to the meeting (plus you can review it online: go to StoicDan.com and click the link "Saturdays" in the upper right corner).

GUESTS - As some have requested, you can now bring guests without them clicking RSVP separately.

MENU - If you'd like to check the menu before arriving, here is the link to Imperial's menu. https://www.imperialwinebar.com/orlando-menu/

OTHER - If you'd like to plan something after the meeting, the venue has music on Saturday nights, plus there are many other venues in the area. Check: https://www.facebook.com/Imperialwinebar/

COURTESY - This group enjoys open-minded, respectful conversations. If we differ in our opinions, then "we agree to disagree". The long-term goal is to improve our minds via group discussions. Our group does NOT discuss religion or politics.

This event is free and open to the public.

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