What we're about

We are professionals, students & hobbyists with an interest in computer games, programming, technical art, software testing/QA, game development, game design, game audio, interactive entertainment, modelling & simulation, VR/AR/MR/XR technologies.

We are all in different stages of learning, willing to help each other and share what we know.

We can provide front to back game development; coding, implementation, testing, iteration of ALL elements of game design and/or concepts for non-game, indie and/or personal passion projects.

We try to organise monthly face-to-face events in downtown Orlando, Florida, and/or online.

In between meetups we hang-out, text, play games on Discord 👉 https://discord.gg/9TcqZ6R

...to discuss a range of topics, ideas applicable to the wonderful world of Unity3D that we like so much. :yum

Past events (707)

In Person: Unity - Controlling Animations

Needs a location

In Person: Unity - Trigger Events

Needs a location

Virtual Event: Open Lab - Game Design and VR

This event has passed

In Person: Unity - Input Actions

Needs a location

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