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Our group regularly has been holding monthly meetings since our founding in September 2005. We are one of the original Adobe user groups. Initially called the Adobe Indesign User Group. Our first meeting had over 60 members in attendance; we have since grown over 800 local members.

The indesignusergroup.com (http://indesignusergroup.com/) website, our original website, became limiting sounding as if we only demonstrated InDesign. Our Members wanted more, now we have grown to recognize not only Adobe print software but other related design, photographic, web, video, 3-D applications; including related smart device applications and much more. To reflect this change our new name is The Orlando Adobe User Group. This new name is reflected in the Adobe User Group Directory.

Our initial role has not changed since our inception monthly we continue to introduced movers and shakers within the design community both local and international. Attendees are encouraged to put into practice step by step what they learn. As we continue our next decade our goal is to expand even bigger.

We currently meet at Webster University on the third Tuesday of every month. Your suggestions are important for our continued growth. Please contact me about ways in which we can make this an even better group to serve your needs. If you are a company that would like to promote your services we would like to hear from you. If you are an artist doing something unique we would like you to share it with the rest of the community. If you would like to be on our committee or a sponsor of our group contact me.

If you are looking for work or have a job to offer please use our site to promote.

Twice a year Adobe offers a one year creative cloud subscription for us to raffle to help support our group. If you have tools of the trade, you are a software developer, hardware developer or have any other products such as art supplies, photographic, printing, trade show or 3-D printing products and supplies this is the group you're looking for to promote them.

Speakers are welcome. Adobe Products work on both Windows and Apple hardware products.

Edward Feldman, Chapter Representative

Douglas Mitchell, Co-Chapter Representative

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Quick Start Adobe Illustrator Creating Vector Artwork & Tools Techniques

Webster University Downtown Orlando

The heart of Illustrator vector artwork is straight forward using vector lines, curves, shapes, strokes, fills, anchor points as connectors, applying colors, gradients which creates all artwork (pixel images can be added within artwork). Sunset image above is totally vector artwork. Grow Artistically Quickly – More Than You Can Imagine Once you understand vector artwork construction using: tools, menus, palettes, essential key commands... then you can gain new revenue streams as a vector digital artist. Part 1: Wednesday, February 20, 2019 (7pm - 9pm) 1 Determine key preferences for ease and control. 2 Position panels, tools, setup interface for ease of workflow. 3 Learn to view, zoom, move, artwork for accuracy. 4 Learn artwork construction using Pen tool paths, anchor points, strokes, fills, gradients. 5 NOTE: type can be converted to vectors for unlimited creative design manipulations of structure, size, location... 6 Learn various Selection tools to manipulate and position all or parts of artwork and type. 7 Use copy paste identical, stacking order, layers organization. 8 Create infinite color schemes using Color Guide. 9 Create artwork using Shape Tools. 10 Create artwork using Effects Filters.

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Change, Change, Change. Exploring the latest features of CC 2019

Webster University Downtown Orlando

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