Day Camp 4 Developers: Virtualizing Development

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Our friend Cal Evans is holding another Day Camp 4 Developers event this month that you should know about. If we get enough signups, I'll book an Office Party ticket for us. At $10 a head, that's the cheapest conference you'll go to all year! :D

Virtualizing Development -- "It works on my machine.” just won't cut it anymore.


You cannot develop the way you have always done it. The days of setting up a single development environment on your laptop are long gone. Even running multiple virtual hosts on the same machine with a common database server is not enough in today’s environment. These days you need matching environments, development, testing, production. They have to match down to the service and version number.

Managing virtual environments is a whole new skill you have to master. Virtualizing your development is here to stay. But with so many options, what are the best tools, techniques and practices for virtualizing development? How do you virtualize your development process? How do you keep everything up to date? How do you do all of this and still have time to do development?

We will show you how to master this new skill. We have gathered 5 experts to help show you the way. Each of our experts will focus on a single topic. They will give you actionable intel to start using immediately. Additionally, you will get links to watch the sessions as many times as you want for the next two years.


• Virtualizing Development by Adam Culp

• Development with Vagrant by John Coggshall

• Containers, VMs, and the Future of the Cloud by David Strauss

• Portable Development Environments with Vagrant and Ansible by Erika Reinaldo

• Multiple ElePHPants, One Box: Inside virtPHP by Ben Ramsey