• PHP 8: Deep Dive Into Features and More.

    Online event

    Orlando PHP User Group Meeting in the heat of summer! After the last set of fireworks are launched, let's get back together to look at some of the latest developments in the PHP ecosystem.

  • Making Desktop GUIs with PHP by German Gamboa

    Online event

    Making Desktop GUIs with PHP by German Gamboa

    Hosted by Christopher Pecoraro and German Gamboa

  • The *New* PHP 8: An Early Holiday Gift - Let's Celebrate & Explore Its Features!

    We will close a challenging year in a wonderful way by celebrating the long-anticipated PHP 8, its function and tracing JITs ("just-in-time" compilers), and a few of the most interesting new features, classes, syntax, tweaks, and functions.
    PHP 8 is a major upgrade in terms of speed, code quality, error handling, and many other aspects, so there is lots to discuss!

    Hosted by Christopher Pecoraro

  • Magic Tricks with the Service Container

    Online event

    Magic Tricks with the Service Container

    There are only two certain things in life, death and the fact that your application will grow in complexity over time. In this talk we will be learning how to manage the growth of features while keeping your code clean using Laravel's DI container.

    About the Speaker:
    German Gamboa is a developer with 2 years of experience making REST APIs with Laravel and Node while occasionally moonlighting as a front end developer.

  • Vue.js and Laravel PHP


    German Gamboa:

    Come learn about why Laravel and Vuejs are the best duo when it comes to developing applications in 2019. In this session we will cover the basics of Vue.js, how to integrate it into a Laravel application incrementally and how to create a SPA with it.

    Christopher Pecoraro:

    PHP 7.4 will be released on "Turkey Day" in the U.S, November 28th. If you'd like to be able to implement some of the features early, PHP7.4 RC3 is already here and projects like "plus" and "pre" are being developed to implement newer features even sooner.

  • Getting Started With Easy Peazy Serverless PHP



    Serverless PHP using AWS Lambda

    Jacques will do a quick intro to coding serverless PHP applications. You always hear developers from "other stacks" brag about their serverless, well now you can do the serverless dance too! This will be a beginner-friendly talk on how anyone who knows PHP can also do serverless PHP to build truly scalable applications in the future.

    Jacques Fu is President of ODevs and CTO for Fattmerchant.

    Pizza and drinks!

  • "Building a FOSS CI/CD Flow for Modern PHP/React" & "Learning PHP in 2019"

    Chad Windnagle will present "Building a FOSS CI/CD Flow for Modern PHP/React":

    * jenkins ci / cd
    * intro to pipelines
    * tips on managing secrets in jenkins
    * php unit / phpcs
    * building react
    * running tests, integrating reports into jenkins
    * github integration, pull request status updates

    German Gamboa will present "Learning PHP in 2019":

    Knowing where to start is half the battle when learning a new skill. Come join us as we explore a roadmap of how to dive in to PHP in 2019. We will be taking a look at PHP’s capabilities, frameworks and resources so you can be part of the community that powers most of the internet.

  • Orlando PHP Meetup June Meeting


    Please note that the location has changed for the event.

    This month's speakers:

    Christopher Pecoraro will discuss the upcoming features in the exciting new PHP 7.4. The first alpha will land on June 13th (https://wiki.php.net/todo/php74), so we can already get an accurate look into each feature through code written in "the new way" versus the "old way" through examples and demonstrations.

    Mike Fox will discuss accessibility. On his blog, he is currently challenging his readers to use only the keyboard for a week, since everyone is so used to clicking things with a mouse, some devs/designers forget to include keyboard support. He uses assistive tech (AT) such as screen magnifiers and screen readers all the time, on both Linux and Windows.

  • Orlando PHP Meetup Kickoff Event


    Let's kick off the renewed Orlando PHP Meetup with a talk or two about exciting topics related to PHP development and its exciting future.
    - German Gamboa Gonzalez will speak about how environmental variables are managed in PHP.
    - Christopher Pecoraro will provide an introductory overview of the Laravel PHP framework for experienced PHP developers wanting to learn more.
    - Pizza will be provided.

  • May ODevs Meetup - Happy 6 Months!


    OrlandoDevs May Meetup is coming up this week. Go RSVP over at: https://www.meetup.com/OrlandoDevs/events/230633404/

    Meetup Description is below.

    Hey Hey Everyone!! Can you believe that it has been 6 months since we started this meetup?! We couldn't have done this without you! There are some fun things planned for this with more details to come later this week!

    Doors open at 6:30pm, talks start at 7pm sharp!

    Full Talks:

    Josh Brown - How to go from software engineer to entrepreneur. His experience and lessons learned while growing PowerDMS.

    He is the CEO of PowerDMS along with being the VP of Orlando Tech Association.

    Ravel Antunes (https://twitter.com/ravelantunes) - Tips, tricks, & lessons learned from founding a mobile app startup.

    As the Cofounder of a mobile app startup, Ravel has been spending the past year learning the ins and outs of building & running a company from the ground up. He is here to share what he's learned with other aspiring entrepreneurs.

    Lightning Talks:

    We will be opening the floor for a few lightning talks from attendees during the event. Got something you're passionate about that you would like to talk about for 5 minutes? Come prepared and let us know when we ask for speakers!


    We'd like to thank PowerDMS (http://www.powerdms.com/about/careers/) for being our venue sponsor for the next few meetups. (Take the elevator to the third floor)


    Thank you to Unikey (http://www.unikey.com/) for the beer! Also HUGE thanks to Josh Brown and PowerDMS for cooking up a great surprise. ;)

  • Kandy.io Hackathon - Raspberry Pi 3 & Embedded Communications

    JW Marriott - Orlando Grande Lakes

    Quick (and free) one day hackathon at the JW Marriott Orlando on May 2nd (Monday). $4k first prize for the best working app and $1k for the best pitch! Easy money and open bar!

    Please RSVP here: https://perspectives16.com/kandyhackathon