• May ODevs Meetup - Happy 6 Months!


    OrlandoDevs May Meetup is coming up this week. Go RSVP over at: http://www.meetup.com/OrlandoDevs/events/230633404/ Meetup Description is below. Hey Hey Everyone!! Can you believe that it has been 6 months since we started this meetup?! We couldn't have done this without you! There are some fun things planned for this with more details to come later this week! Doors open at 6:30pm, talks start at 7pm sharp! Full Talks: Josh Brown - How to go from software engineer to entrepreneur. His experience and lessons learned while growing PowerDMS. He is the CEO of PowerDMS along with being the VP of Orlando Tech Association. Ravel Antunes (https://twitter.com/ravelantunes) - Tips, tricks, & lessons learned from founding a mobile app startup. As the Cofounder of a mobile app startup, Ravel has been spending the past year learning the ins and outs of building & running a company from the ground up. He is here to share what he's learned with other aspiring entrepreneurs. Lightning Talks: We will be opening the floor for a few lightning talks from attendees during the event. Got something you're passionate about that you would like to talk about for 5 minutes? Come prepared and let us know when we ask for speakers! Venue: We'd like to thank PowerDMS (http://www.powerdms.com/about/careers/) for being our venue sponsor for the next few meetups. (Take the elevator to the third floor) Sponsors! Thank you to Unikey (http://www.unikey.com/) for the beer! Also HUGE thanks to Josh Brown and PowerDMS for cooking up a great surprise. ;)

  • Kandy.io Hackathon - Raspberry Pi 3 & Embedded Communications

    JW Marriott - Orlando Grande Lakes

    Quick (and free) one day hackathon at the JW Marriott Orlando on May 2nd (Monday). $4k first prize for the best working app and $1k for the best pitch! Easy money and open bar! Please RSVP here: https://perspectives16.com/kandyhackathon

  • Kandy.io Hackathon

    JW Marriott - Orlando Grande Lakes

    Hello! We've got a hackathon coming up tomorrow. Super fast and focused on embedded communications. Raspberry Pi-s will be given to the top ideas, $4k for the best app and $1k for the best pitch (no working app necessary). Also, we've got an open bar! Please RSVP here ---> https://perspectives16.com/kandyhackathon

  • Lean UX Guru Laura Klein - User Engagement through Data

    All, We managed to land International Speaker/Author Laura Klein to present on Lean UX via Web conference from San Fran on 4/21! I want to make sure we represent. :) RSVP here: http://www.meetup.com/Lean-Startup-Practitioners/events/229693701/

  • Social Event: What's coming in 2016 for OrlandoPHP?

    Hey, everyone! We're going to do another social gathering for OrlandoPHP in February and I've got some big changes to announce for the meetup structure and how we're going to proceed going into 2016. Come out and grab some food and drink with fellow PHPers and I'll explain what I'm working on to make this group more interesting and valuable to our local PHP community.

  • The Orlando PHP Meetup Group Monthly Meetup

    Harry Buffalo

    Hey guys, In lieu of a formal plan for this meetup, I've decided to swap it to a social gathering at the Harry Buffalo on the corner down from the Exchange Building. Come out and have a drink with some PHPers and just hang for a while. - Jeremy

  • Orlando Devs Meetup

    The Iron Yard

    Hey, everyone! In lieu of a speaker being available for PHP this month, I'm going to direct everyone to attend the first Orlando Devs meetup that's happening on the 1st Thursday of December. I'll be speaking on how to get started freelancing and Sergio will be introducing the new meetup and what we're trying to do for the community. Go RSVP to that meetup here: http://www.meetup.com/OrlandoDevs/events/226504258/ There will be no dedicated PHP meetup in December. Thanks. - Jeremy

  • Orlando PHP Meetup: Git, The Good Stuff

    The Iron Yard

    By now, everyone has branched and merged - but there is so much more to git. This month, Phil Palmieri will take us through rebasing, cherry-picking, patch files, wrangling the git log, and power using git diff. He’ll show you how to do partial cherry picks, revert commits, and squash all your work into a manageable single commit or patch. About Phil I started coding back in the 90’s when PHP 3 was all the rage. While I’ve dabbled in Ruby, Python, and Node, I keep coming back home to PHP. I’ve worked on everything from Wordpress sites to huge custom inventory and sales management platforms. I spent the last 10 years running my own small consultancy and dev shop but threw in the towel and am now an employee again on a team with a large online travel agency.

  • October PHP Meetup: Let's Talk About Money for Developers

    This month, Jeremy is going to bring up a taboo subject and tear it open to reveal its insides. We're going to go behind the curtain and talk about a really important topic that's near and dear to a lot of developers' hearts: Compensation. We're going to talk about developer compensation, why it's such a taboo subject, why it shouldn't be, why and how to negotiate your salary, and more. There's even going to be some time spent talking about billing and compensation for freelancers and consultants, for those of you who aren't on the full-time employment wagon. Looking forward to starting a productive conversation about developer compensation and helping everyone have good, healthy expectations for how you can be compensated as a developer. About Jeremy Jeremy Privett is the organizer of the Orlando PHP User Group. He currently works as a Technology Director @ Sonobi, where he manages a group of developers building user-facing tools for helping ​web publishers manage and sell their inventory. Prior to Sonobi, Jeremy was a Solutions Architect at GotChosen where he built, in his humble opinion, one of the best development teams in Orlando. He's also done multiple stints as a full-time consultant and knows his way around client acquisition and contract negotiation. Jeremy's worked both sides of the table, looking for work and hiring developers, and wants to share what he's learned from his own experience and the ​experiences​ of others regarding the subject of money.