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Orlando Psychedelic Society is Orlando’s first psychedelic social network. OPS is a community of people interested in the exploration of sacred plant medicines for psychological healing, spiritual growth, and/or the expansion of consciousness. We offer psychedelic integration groups for those who want to process insights obtained from ceremonies with sacred plant medicines, or to help bring meaning into the experience of a psychedelic journey. We do not endorse the sale or distribution of psychoactive substances so please do not approach any group member for that purpose. We welcome those who have had psychedelic experiences, as well as those preparing for an upcoming journey, or those simply wanting to learn more about nature’s medicine and the wisdom of plants. Our groups are confidential and we honor each person by holding space for them to share their unique journey, in the spirit of compassion, genuineness, respect and attuned presence. We consider conversation to gain knowledge and insight to be a pivotal dimension of psychedelic journeying—and view the sharing of ideas in a safe, open forum to be essential elements for encouraging spiritual and psychological healing.

Meeting dates and times will be announced in advance. We will be having an Integration group one Monday a month at Soulquest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth. OPS Book club will also be held once a month on Monday. In addition, we will have film screenings for topical movies related to plant medicines, and other social outings for group members to enjoy nature and socializing at Mead Gardens or Lake Eola.

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Sacred Hape Workshop & Cacao Ceremony

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Neurochemistry, Consciousness and Ethnobotany

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Psychedelic Integration & Sharing Circle

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Fantastic Fungi Global Summit: Voices from Underground

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