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Ever feel like you're living on the edge of nowhere with pubs and restaurants galore but no one to explore them with? This is a group for anyone interested in Ormskirk and the abundance it has to offer.

There will be events planned outside the town and members are welcome to join if they live outside, too - that's where the 'Et Cetera' part of our name comes in! There's some boring stuff below that we ask you to read, it's numbered to make it easier to follow:

1) Members are asked to contribute to ideas for events by messaging the organiser.

2) Members are asked not to confuse Event threads with suggestions of an alternative venue at the same time. Please see above for how to go about that.

3) Members are expected to behave with courtesy in real life during an event, when interacting on the website and in private message to each other.

4) Members are asked to tick that they are attending an event, this helps the organiser to plan things and is crucial when numbers are limited.

5) Members are asked to untick themselves if they're not going to be able to make it.

6) Events are arranged around what is already on offer in the community. This may mean that something particular is on at a place with limited accessibility. However, members are welcome to message the organiser about accessibility in advance so that more accessible events can be arranged also.

7) It is suggested that when out, members pay for their own food and drinks. Buying rounds when people are leaving at different times could lead to chaos.

8) Lift and taxi shares are a personal arrangement between members and are not arranged as part of the group or MeetUp's services. Organisers are included by MeetUp as group members and accept no public liability when offering to help with transport.

9) MeetUp charges organisers to set up and run their groups. Members must share this cost by contributing every six months. This may change to annually if the group grows past MeetUp's numbers for Basic Group fees. Costs will be kept in line with the fee, any surplus will go directly to the running of the group.

10) MeetUp stipulates that all members must take responsibility for their own safety and well being.

11) MeetUp stipulates that all members must avoid compromising others' safety and wellbeing by behaving in a safe, polite manner.

12) MeetUp prohibits use of any group as a dating service. This is an opportunity to socialise and network. Friendships may grow outside of this but we take no responsibility for disappointment if they do not.

13) The organisers shall do their utmost to plan and facilitate an event so that people have an opportunity to take part. Organisers will promote a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere but organisers cannot guarantee that you will have a good time. Members are asked to take responsibility for their needs and use of the group and its events.

Thanks for reading all that, I did say that it would be boring but it's very important stuff. The group exists for everyone and we all have a part to play in ensuring that it is welcoming, interesting a fun.

So, Clause 1: we need your ideas. Clause 9: if you do not feel that you would benefit from the group, please remove yourself as we do have a waiting list. Subscriptions will depend on how many are in the group therefore we ask you to do this now. You can, of course, return at a more suitable time. Members who are unable to assist us in keeping the group running smoothly as per the boring stuff above, will be asked to move to a group that suits them better.

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Sunday Lunch at The Kicking Donkey

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Quiz at The Kicking Donkey

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Quiz at The Kicking Donkey

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Liverpool LightNight

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